PRAYER: Father, please don’t let me miss my own Miracles tonight.
RCCG Holy Ghost Service March 2018
1. The Lord says that there is someone here, “No more Fruitless Efforts”.
2. The Lord asked daddy to tell someone that as hopeless as your situation may be now before the sun rises tomorrow, you will sing a “New Song”.
3. The Lord asked daddy to tell someone that the enemies thought that there is no way of escape for you but God says: ” I will surprise the enemies”.
4. Daddy (God) says that there is someone here tonight that your “Hunger is for the Power of God”. He says even by Next Sunday, you will see the Evidence.

… Let somebody shout Halleluyah… Halleluyah!!!
Tonight will be a Great Night.
1. In April, 2018 as in our custom; the Holy Ghost Service will be for our children because we noticed in the past that lots of the children when the weather wants to change falls sick. So God gave us an instruction that we should always anoint our children in April. And since the time that we have started this, Infant Mortality almost zero in all of our Churches.
… So bring all the children next month. Bring them early and don’t wait for the evening rush hour time. There is plenty of space here for them to play and catch fun.
The theme for the Holy Ghost Service in the Month of April 2018 is: ” STRONGER THAN YOUR ENEMIES – PART 4 (CHILDREN OF CONQUERORS).
It will be a great error from you to say because it is Children’s Program you will count yourself out because we are all children in the Hands of God.
2. Tonight, am about to show us a Video Clips.
It is a story that illustrates what we are talking about. A small goat fought a huge cow. The cow is such big that the head of the cow is almost the size of the goat.
So let me allow you to see the result of the fight before you say your first Prayer Point.
Daddy told those around last Month (February, 2018) – Talking about “Speaking to your Mountain”. Daddy recalled that he thought us that we should tell the Mountains: There are only two (2) of us. And one of us will move out of the two (2) of us…and its not me that will move.
Then I told you a story of when I was in primary school where there was this bully in my class. I was very tiny and he was big. And everyday he will just come and slap me on the head. He knew that I cannot retaliate because he was too big for me. After some time, I made up my mind that I will take it no more and so I decided to fight him: he will surely kill me and the government will kill him too and so that will be a draw. Then one day, he came and slap me and I told him that is the last slap. He said: you spoke? Hit me another time and we started fighting. He kept on knocking me back and I bounced back. After a while, he came to his sense that this boy wants to die and he started running away and I chased him.
PRAYER: Father, in the Mighty Name of Jesus; every Mountain blocking my “Way to Joy” must move tonight no matter how huge they may be.
I am not tolerating any Mountain: All my Mountains must move tonight.
… And so shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name.
Daddy wants to appealed to all of us tonight to treat this Service as a “Destiny Changing” Service. Every Words that comes to you; please don’t handle it carelessly.
The Lord spoke to us on this same altar on the 31st of December, 2017 during the Cross Over Night Service. One of the Words of Prophesy is that this Year 2018: the “Cold will get colder and the hot will get hotter”.
Daddy heard it in the News that the whole Nation of Iceland was shut down by snow…that is it was colder than before. Also heard in the News that somewhere in America, the temperature dropped below 30 degrees just in one night.
Please we are not here to joke tonight. When God speaks to you tonight, grab it.
… You will Testify in Jesus Name!
12. Now therefore give me this Mountain, whereof the LORD spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the LORD will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the LORD said.
13. And Joshua blessed him and gave unto Caleb the son of Jephunneh Hebron for an inheritance.
From the text above, we can see that Caleb did not ask for soft landing. He did not asked for Mountains without Giants. He said “Give me this Mountains” and leave me and God. Then you will see what will happened.
1 Tonight, daddy wants us to join our faith with his own and boldly say: “Give us a Sea to cross” because in Exodus 14: 21-28; a sea was blocking the way of the children of Israel to the Promised Land and then something happened that daddy believes will happened here tonight: “THE WIND BLEW”.
If the Lord will give us a Sea that is a Problem as big as a sea; the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow. And when the wind blows, suddenly there will be a way where there was no way before because daddy has a feeling that before someone here gets back home; where there was no way before, there will be a way, that the one they say no child will come next year with a three (3) months old baby and to that one that they say will be sacked, will be promoted.
… For someone here tonight, when the wind blows there will be a way where there is no way!
When the wind blew according to Acts 2: 1-4; Power came down because Jesus Christ has told his disciples that you will received Power after the Holy Ghost has come upon you.
And no Power came until the wind blew.
When the Power came, an ordinary fisherman spoke and things begin to happened. He touched a crippled man and the crippled man started walking according to Acts 3: 1-8.
Daddy is very grateful to God that even before the message that He (God) has seen someone that is thirsty for “Power of God” and satisfied such.
Who is that fellow by the way?
Daddy wants to assured someone that you will lay hands on the sick and they will recovered.
In Acts 5: 1-11; because the wind blew, Power came; an ordinary fisherman can issue a decree and it came to past. Some people tried to bring confusion to the Church of Peter, he spoke and they were all uprooted.
In the Name of the One who called daddy GO; from now on, whatever you say will come to past.
In Acts 5: 14-16; because the wind blow and Power came; the shadow of an ordinary fisherman began to heal the sick.
This Year 2018, you will not just be Blessed but you will be a Blessing to others.
In the Name above all Names, from now on even your handkerchiefs will be raising the dead.
PRAYER: Father, give me a sea to cross and let your wind blow on my behalf tonight so that Power can descend. Let your wind blow so much such that: anyone that i touch will heal the sick, my handkerchiefs cast out demons. Let there be a way where there was no way for me. I don’t want to be an ordinary Christian but a Christian that will be backed up with your Power.
2. Give me this Mountain can also means: “Give me a Wall to pull down”.
The children of Israel was on their way to the Promised Land and directly on their path is the “Wall of Jericho”.
Unless the “Wall of Jericho” come down, there is no way for them to move forward.
Have you been stranded all these years? – working for years and there was no Promotion. Those who met you in the company had gone ahead of you just because someone has become a Wall and that Wall must fall tonight.
Because in Joshua 6:20; the children of Israel shouted and the “Wall of Jericho” came down.
Why will I asked God to give me a Wall to pull down?
It is so that I can have a “Divine Visitation”.
… No challenges, No Miracles, No Obstacles, No Testimonies.
In Joshua 5: 13-15; when Joshua saw the wall blocking his way. He moved round the wall and for the very first time in his life, an Angel Visited him and gave him instructions.
Daddy needs a “Divine Visitation” and some of us needed it too because whenever there is “Divine Visitation”; wombs that are closed shall be opened.
In Genesis 18: 1-14; it was a “Divine Visitation” that puts to an end the barrenness of Sarah. In John 5: 2-9; there was a man sick for 38 years going round in cycles. He has a “Divine Visitation” and his frustrations ended.
I need a “Divine Visitation” because in Marks 10: 46-52; it was when Bartimeaus had a “Divine Visitation” that he could say bye bye to darkness, poverty and reproach. Darkness lost his grips on him and he never done has to beg again and wear the garment of shame again.
Read also Mark 5: 35-43.
1. The Lord says that there is someone here tonight according to Daddy (God); what you needs now is a brand new lungs and He said you already get it now.
2. Daddy (God) says that right now He is distributing “Spare Parts”. It will be a good idea if you claimed one for yourself now – a brand new brain, eyes, hearts, wombs, livers, legs, hands or whatever you need.
Daddy has a Good News for someone here tonight that your Testimony will be bigger.
PRAYER: Father, if you are Visiting just two (2) people here tonight, please let me be one of them. Let me have a “Divine Visitation” tonight. Give me a wall to pull down and then give me “Divine Visitation” so that wombs can be opened, Fruitless Efforts come to an end and an end to my shame, reproach and poverty.
3. “Give me this Mountain” can mean give me a lion to fight with so that I can tear it into two (2); like we have in Judges 14: 5-6. Samson was minding his own business when a lion choose to attacked him. And then the Spirit of God came on him and he tore the lion into two (2).
PROPHESY: God asked to tell someone that those saying to you where is your God will soon be saying: “Are you the only one serving God?”
Why is it important for you to give me a lion?
Give me a lion so that:
I. So that your Spirit can come heavily upon me.
II. So that every yoke in my life burnt off.
III. So that everything I touch will begin to prosper.
Because in Judges 15: 14-15; when they brought Samson bound to the enemies and then the Spirit of God came mightily upon him; all the ropes that was used to bound him burnt off with fire. And then he saw a jaw bone of an ass and because of the Spirit of God on him, that ass bone become a weapon of mass destruction.
There are some of us that are bounded in one way or the other – bound with Generational curses, evil covenants or with witches and wizards. What everybody is doing and succeeding, you will touched it and failed.
But when the Fire of God comes upon you, yokes will be destroyed and whatever you touch will prosper.
And when that Fire comes, it has a way of driving away fear because one of the greatest bounding forces is fear.
Some of us are so afraid to take a step that will lead us to success because fear is a spirit according to 2 Timothy 1:7. The fear of what happens if I failed.
Even some of us are afraid of success. But when the Holy Spirit comes upon you mightily; it will drive away your fears, destroy yokes and empowered you to defeat your enemies.
PRAYER: Father, today every spirit of fear drive it out of me. Let your Holy Spirit come down mightily on me so that whatever I touched from now will be successful.
1. The Lord says that there is someone here today; among your class mates you are the least. Daddy (God) says very soon you will be the greatest.
2. Daddy says there is someone here: let the enemies tried, they will never discovered the secrets of your success.
3. The Lord is saying to someone that before the end of this Month; the sound of Music will returned to your home.
4. “Give me this Mountain” can means give me a Goliath and I will kill him.
In 1 Samuel 17: 42-51; it is the story of David vs Goliath. David simply said to Goliath that I come against you in the Name of the Lord.
Why do I want you to give me a Goliath?
So that the whole world may know the “Power in your Name”.
In Philippians 2: 9-11; the bible says that God has given Him a Name that is above All names. That at the mention of the Name Jesus Christ; all knees must bow down.
The world needs you and I to tell the world that there is a Name that can uproot any Mountain because Psalm 90: 1-2 tells us that before the Mountain is brought forth, He is Lord. He knows the foundation of the Mountain and can uproot them.
And this Name works at anytime according to Psalm 46:1. The bible says that He is our Ever Present Help in times of trouble.
Tonight, someone gave a Testimony that he was kidnapped by Ritualist and you thought its easy like that to be set free.
But there is a Name that is Greater than all names.
… Let me hear you shout that Name…JESUS!!!
You don’t know the Power in the Name until you come face to face with a Goliath. It is then you will suddenly call on the Name and expects the unexpected to happen.
PRAYER: Father, I am your child; from now on manifest your Power in your Name in my life. happensNext time that I will call on your Name, let Miracles happens.
Please listen carefully as God wants us pray some Prayers of Deliverance now for some people. If you miss this opportunity, it may never happened again.
1. There are some people that at the beginning of the New Month that you suddenly feel or have a strong urge to bark like a dog. And on more than occasions, you have driven out to a lonely place and do some barking. God wants to put an end to it.
2. The Lord says that there is someone here that you have eaten flesh during a particular Initiation and you have begun to feel troubled inside your system. Daddy wants to uproot that which was planted in you that year.
3. The Lord says that there is someone here; you plotted the removal of your boss so that you can sit on his seat. Now you have begun to feel pains in your anus. Daddy says that “Cancer of the anus” is on the way. But tonight is a Night of Special Deliverance for you as God wants to deal with it.
4. The Lord says that there is someone here before you gave your life to Jesus Christ you used to fly to meetings at night. But now you are still flying and you don’t want it again. God wants to deal with it.
5. The Lord says that there is someone here it does not matter the amount of food that you eat you will always feel hungry because some demons are always awaiting the food to come. God wants to deal with it.
We don’t have much time. If you are among those in the five (5) categories, stand up quickly now as I count 1 to 4.
5. And then give me Mountains where there are Giants could means gather all my enemies together in one place so that I can get rid of all of them once and for all.
In Daniel 6: 1-15; we all know the story. Daniel was making Progress. Some people ganged up against him and got him into the lion den. God intervened, Daniel was released and all those who ganged up against him were thrown into the lion den in a day.
You may not know it but you have enemies either from your father’s side, mother’s side, at work or even in the house of God.
I want God to gather together all my enemies tonight so that God can deal with them all once and for all with no one to bother me again.
Is there anyone here tonight that wants this?
After all, it is written in Proverbs 16:7; when a man ways pleases the Lord, He will cause his enemies to be at Peace with him.
I want Peace on a daily basis but some enemies must go as they cannot change and they need to go all of them once and for all.
That is why tonight is so crucial so that for the rest of your life your progress will not be hindered, your joy not contaminated and you will sleep in peace and wake up in peace.
If you allow a single enemy to remain; that one will grow, produced a child and begin to Multiply again.
NOTE: The first Convention of this Mission takes place on this Camp Ground in 1983.
Daddy wants a situation in your life such that from now on; all the enemies (known and unknown) particularly those pretending to be your friend will be death with tonight.
PRAYER: Father, I am your child and you are the Lord of Hosts; tonight gather all my enemies together and finished all of them particularly those pretending to be my friend – gather and finish all of them. You know all those that will never repent and change. Every enemies of my Joy gather them together and finish them.
… And then Joshua made a statement: I have waited for 45 years and I cannot wait any longer.
For someone here tonight, as the Lord lives … No more Waiting!
In Psalm 102:13; God say that He will arise and have Mercy on Zion for the time to settled her has come…yea the set time has come.
Now there are some Miracles that can wait till next year, month, week or tomorrow.
But when do you want your own?
… NOW!!!
In the Name that is above every other names because today is Special. The Holy Ghost Service started when God asked daddy GO to asked for a birthday gift 32 years and he asked for Miracles for all members of the Church. Today is the first time that the Service will fall on exactly daddy GO’s birthday (2nd of March).
So rise up on your feet and raise your voice saying: Father, I want my breakthrough NOW and not tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.
1. The Lord says to someone that one day – not too long from now; you will tell your friends that “I don’t even know the meaning of failures again”.
2. The Lord says that there is someone here contemplating doing something BIG FOR GOD through His son. He said you should go ahead and do it as He will see to it that until there is no more water in the ocean that is when your blessings will end.
3. God says that there is someone here, the greatest Financial Breakthrough that you will ever experienced is coming soon. He said that when it comes, you yourself will know that you don’t deserved this. He (God) said that you should returned 50% of it back to Him.
In Conclusion; Caleb said: “Give me this Mountain”; if God be for me, I will turn this obstacles to a Miracle and will kill all the giants at once.
How can you take on a Mountain?
It is a question of CONNECTION.
If God be for me, who can be against me.
Those who says that you won’t reach your goal… long after they have gone, you will still be flying.
Everyone who conquered death in the bible are those who has Connections with God or His Prophets. The widow of Zarepheth; when her son died cried to Elijah. The Shunemite woman when her son died cried to Elisha. When Lazarus died; they sent for Jesus Christ…the one thou lovest is sick.
PRAYER: Father, don’t let me be dissociated from you. I am already connected to you please let me remained connected to you forever till I see you in Glory. And because am connected to you, you can give me any Mountain to take over, give me any sea to cross through, give me wall to pull down, give me lion to tear apart and Goliaths to crushed and cut off his head.
I know that the great Man of God that ministered before me has done an excellent job on Salvation. But I know that many of you came in late after he made the altar call.
If you are yet to be associated with God by being born again and if His Blood is yet to wash you; I will give you another 2 minutes for you to come out. It is after He has saved your soul that you will be admitted into His Family.
So if you want to surrender your life to God and not done so before; come now as I count from 1to 10. Or if you have surrendered to Him before and you backslidden, come to Him now so that He can restored you.
Let those in front pray thus: Cry to the Lord to be Merciful to you, save your soul and accept you. Tell God that you will be connected to Him.
Let the others stretch forth their hands and begin to intercede on your behalf. That He who save your soul will also safe them.
PRAYER: Let us thank God for what He has done tonight particularly those Words that He has sent directly to you.
1. Praise God that you mad it Praise Him for life, Praise God that you are able to make it. Praise Him for access to a meeting like this.
2. Father, let every sea part before me tonight.
3. Father, let every Hindering Walls fall.
4. Father, subdue every lion under my feet.
5. Father, let every Goliath in my family die. and never rise up again.
6. Father, from now on, let me reign with you in Perfect Peace.
7. Father, let my connection with you be established forever.
8. Your Personal Prayer requests.
DADDY PRAYS: In the Name that is above All names; from now on: every sea before you will part, every wall will fall, every lion attacking you subdued, every Goliath will die and never rise again. From now on, you will enjoy Peace – Peace in your body, soul, spirit, home and places of work. Your link to the Almighty God will be established forever and whatever may be your Personal Prayer request will become Testimonies. So shall it be in Jesus Mighty Name we pray.
… Let somebody shout Halleluyah… Halleluyah!
PROPHESY: The Lord wants daddy GO to tell someone that your Personal Anthem from now will be:
He had done it for me, He has done for me
What my Father cannot do, He has done it for me
What my Mother cannot do, He has done it for me
What my Pastor cannot do, He has done it for me
Oh oh oh Halleluyah, He had done it for me
The Lord explained to daddy GO while waiting on Him which forms the basis of what we are about to do now.
There are two (2) claps of clapping:
1. Clapping for Applause – when your team winning.
2. Clapping at your enemies – particularly when you want to tell them that they have failed.
In Yoruba land, when your enemies failed woefully, you will clap shame on you on them.
If you can stand on tour feet, we want to clap now.
1. Our first clap is to tell God: “Thank you” – am free, my breakthrough has come, my Turning Point had come and my Testimonies has begun now.
2. The second clap is in Faith. It is to say shame on you devil, you have missed it and failed woefully.
This will lead us to the final thing we want to do based on Psalm 47:1 – He says clap your hands o ye people; shout unto God with the voice of Triumph.
Bible Scholars says the passage above says you put your enemies between your two (2) palms and crushed their heads in between them.
… So go ahead to clap now.
Then from the later part of the verse: Let me hear a shout with a “Voice of Triumph”.
… In Jesus Mighty Name we have obeyed.
You will observed that He didn’t ask us to bring any handkerchiefs or anything. Then I asked Him why?
1. God says the three (3) handkerchiefs He blessed for us the last time is still working.
2. God wants you to pay close attention to the clothes you are wearing tonight. Anytime you face you faced a Mountain just put on that cloth.
… Now let us keep on shouting Halleluyah!!!
Before the Final Blessings, like our custom which is based in the Bible. When God has visited us, we normally say “Thank you” before going.
1. On Saturday morning (3rd of March, 2018); those who needs any kind of “Special Ministrations” or want to be Baptized of the Holy Spirit can come here or the Old Auditorium as Ministers of God will be waiting to attend to you.
2. Later in the Evening on same Saturday (3rd of March, 2018); it with be 3rd Day of this Special Holy Ghost Service and time for “The Anointing Service”. Those that had attended before knows that no matter how great the Friday Night may be; Saturday Night is usually better as God always reserves the best for the last.
3. Some people will be asking how can we help the work ongoing here. Last Year, we set up “Club-75” to mark my 75th birthday back then. In this club you support with 75 plus Pledge Monthly – N75, N750, N7,500 etc. So if you want to join them, then you are welcome.
Alternatively, you may want to do something big at a go. You are also welcome.
4. There will be Thanksgiving Service on Sunday morning.
5. Then this coming Monday, there will be the Divine Encounter Service and Shiloh Hour Service for the Month of March 2018.
So let us bring out our Thanksgiving Offerings now and danced with all our hearts to the nearest basket.
For the rest of your life, you will be dancing, singing, clapping and shouting for Joy. God will bless your offerings. He will sanctified it and use it for His Glory.
You will never beg again. He will go with you and prosper you. Where there seems to be no Way before, a Way will appear to you. It shall be well with you and in the Kingdom of God, you won’t be found missing in Jesus Mighty Name we pray.
… If your Halleluyah will be louder than your neighbour own; your Breakthrough will be greater than your neighbour own.
Thank you so much for reading.