This is like  good news on one side, but seemingly controversial on the other side, as Nigeria woke up to the news and discovery today, that Sister Linda Ikeji who as been known for her Success in the Blogging Industry over the years, and her Wealth, but without Husband, nor marriage whatsoever is Pregnant!
She is actually of age, and her Junior Sister is married with a Baby, Linda seems to be waiting and the only aspect of her life that seems to be delayed is thee Life Partner, Marriage and Family issue, but in a world like ours, it seems, they have rather decided to go low key on the whole thing, and perhaps she is going the fast track so no need for Marriage, or probably as a Rich Woman in Lagos, she decided to secure the Pregnancy first.

Well, I am still of  the believe, that she could have gone through the normal Church, Christian procedure, but we really can’t say anything as touching her marriage yet, we only have evidence to confirm her Pregnancy.