The Nigerian Youths on saturday came out in their numbers to canvass support for their next president come 2019. The man, Fela Durotoye has been choosen by the youths to lead the country to the promise land.
The youths have cried for so long.
They have been subjected to ridicule by those who think they are not ripe to lead the nation and have those use this to embed corruption and all kinds of vices in the country. The country is going worse on corruption by the latest corruption index and this is the time to vote them out says one of the coordinators.
The march which started from the University of Lagos, moved to Yaba College of Education and down to Ojuelegba and its environs. The youths were happy and dancing. Maybe, this is the time that the country will finally be saved.

He’s a Well known man, he is a Voice and I believe a Lot of Young people listen to him and believe in him, as such, the Youth might be his Major Fan, thus making this Dream Come True!