We are healed by faith but we sustain our health by Kingdom service.
Salvation is the rescue from sin and the consequences of sins.
Your slavery to sickness and disease is over in the name of Jesus!
No demonic task master will tie you down in sickness again!
You are coming out of that pit in the name of Jesus!!
The host of Egypt you see today, you shall see them no more in the name of Jesus!
No matter what has tied you down, you are breaking loose!
Everything dying or dead in you quickens back to life!
By the Blood, every sickness and disease in your body is rooted out in the name of Jesus!
By the Blood covenant, the arrows of God will go forth and destroy the root of darkness in your life!
Every evil transmitted to you through poisons, I command them flushed out of your life in the name of Jesus!
Every sickness and disease bows to you today in the name of Jesus!