We know that many of you have from time to time wanted to know the cost of acquiring a portable POS machines maybe from banks so you can be using it for payment reception from customers in your business areas.
If you are one of those people, then you are absolutely at the right place for we are going to revealing that to you, so read on.
Actually, there different types of POS machines, but we are going to be talking about the cost of getting the general and the common portable POS machines that you often see around you in business areas.


It might surprise you know that Banks do not charge their customers before deploying  the common portable POS machines to them, and that is to say it is absolutely free.
Not only that it is free, it is also free for these banks to carry out routine maintenance on your portable POS.
Although some banks might demand that the business that you are running and that they are deploying their POS machines to should have a monthly turnover of N500,000 while for some banks it is N1 Million Naira monthly turnover that is expected.
The only fee that normally comes with the portable POS machine is on the cause of usage, whereby you will require to a charge per transaction, which is mostly dependent on nature of business you do.
But for most general merchant, the transaction fees per transaction are pegged at N0.75.
For these banks, it cost them between the range of N100,000 to N150,000 to acquire some of these portable POS machines.