Nigeria one of the most prominent black countries in West Africa is known for her consumption of certain kinds of food.
Some of them are rice, garri, beans, yam, potatoe , bread, vegetables and so on. It is interesting to know that all of the above listed can be prepared in various ways giving different kinds of result, name and another kind of food entirely
This can be cooked in various ways to give various result. The types of rice include jollof rice, white rice, fried rice, coconut rice even the popular Yoruba ofada rice.
THE JOLLOF RICE COOKING DIRECTIONS; is prepared with ingredients such as groundnut oil, tomato paste, blended pepper which includes tomato, rodo, tatashe and onion, curry powder,thyme powder, slices of onion, salt to taste, maggi/seasoning, stock which is same as water used in boiling your meat or chicken, bay leaf.
The jollof rice is prepared by frying your onion, blended pepper and tomato paste all in the groundnut or vegetable oil, after which your stock is added, then your curry and thyme powder are also added , then you salt and seasoning is added.
The amount of salt and maggi to be added should be taken cautious of because your stock already contains them both so as not to have too much of it.
Add you’re the required amount of water needed to cook your rice and allow it boil. Wash your rice and put inside your already boiled ingredients. Allow rice to cook and place your bay leaves on the cooked rice and allow them to steam together . Jollof rice is ready….yummie.
Please note that jollof rice should not look pale but it must always look reddish so you need enough blended pepper and tomato paste depending on the quantity of your rice.
Jollof rice can be served with fried peppered meat or chicken alongside plantain.
FRIED RICE; This is a chinese originated kind of rice. To prepare fried rice you will need the following ingredients which includes; chicken, chicken stock,rice,green pepper,redpepper,carrot, green peas, runner beans, spring onion, onion bulb, sweet corn,kidney, vegetable oil and shrimp;the shrimp is optional.
PROCEDURES; First wash your rice and drain them in a sieve, this will help your rice get dried and remove water which enables it to fry faster. Wash ,boil and dice your kidney.
Dice your carrot,spring onion,bulb onion,red pepper,green peas,green pepper.
Fry the diced vegetables and remove them from the oil. Fry your rice in you hot oil.
To know if your rice is fried check the texture it gives a different texture from the initial raw rice in most cases it is much more harder.
Add your chicken stock into your fried rice and add some water depending on the quantity of rice, add your salt and maggi to taste.
Add your curry and thyme in minimal quantity this is what gives the rice a greenish look so as not to make it too green the use of curry and thyme should be taken cautious of.
Allow your rice to cook and pour your fried vegetables and kidney, add your sweet corn,runner beans and shrimp.
Allow to steam and stir.
It is also interesting to know that TUWO the popular hausa meal can be gotten from cook gotten from rice
Eba is gotten from garri by boiling water and adding your garri into it then mix thoroughly till and even result is gotten.
Nigeria is blessed with so much green vegetables which can be used for stew and soup.
Some of these vegetables are ; ugwu leaves, water leaves, the soko leaves ,okra among others.
Akara and moinmoin as well as ekuru is gotten from beans
I must confess that it’s amazing how one particular food in NIGERIA can give several meals.