Moringa farming has become so much interesting to people since we knew the benefits that can be gotten from it.
A lot of health benefit comes from the use of moringa seed, leaves and oil and asides the health benefits there is also a great monetary benefit in having or being a moringa farmer.
Hundreds of thousands of naira can be made from growing moringa and it is amazing to know that anyone can be a moringa farmer irrespective of age, gender, class etc.
Over the years moringa farming has been flourishing this is due to the fact that many farmers cease the opportunities it offers to earn a living . it is interesting to know that for the moringa farming every single part of the plant is useful and it has uncountable benefits for human use.
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During the rainy season, moringa farmers can harvest at least three times a season and a small size of land can accommodate with less effort, many stems of moringa that can grow into thick bushes in a short period of time and as well produce seeds in within this short period of time.
Moringa is a fast growing tree with draught resistant which can grow up to 7-9 metres in just a year. These seeds can be exported to india or china where they undergo further processing to enble them for proper consumption, use and export.
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Moringa tree is reffered to as the miracle tree. It is reffered to as miracle seed due to it’s amazing property as a medical plant, a nutritional plant and so on. Moringa  tree can be said to be one of the best gift of nature given to human due to it’s many health benefit.
Moringa helps our environment by releasing a lot of oxygen into the atmosphere and also has no environmental hazard.
However the moringa plant like many other plants lost it fame when science became experimental and more analytical.
But as the whole world seem to be disturbed by many degenerating health problems , many scientist are known to be working really hard all to the aim of finding out better and less implicating ways we can live and survive in this present age of ours called ‘the computer age’.
This has lead to a more intense experimental research work which is aimed at verifying traditional wisdom with the healing plants that were simply known for their multidimensional functions to the ancient people.
Moringa olifera has been re-discovered as a multipurpose tree that has amazing therapeutic, nutritional and prophylactic potentials for skin and other part of the body.
Analysis shows that the federal government can generate over #500 billion in a year on the production of moringa. Not only can money be generated but it can also be a way of job creation for the masses.
There are local and global demands for moringa leaf and its final product. Both the zija moringa tea and the moringa oil has a great market both locally and internationally, and this is very likely to continue to grow.
The demand for moringa product is very high that it requires moringa tree to be planted on at least 500,000 hectares of land to meet orders from only one company in USA
A lot of diseases can be cured using the moringa oil capsules and powder all over the world that so many people will willingly pay to have it. Moringa olifera can cure several diseases.
In fact, in one of the newspapers in Sri Lanka, were quoted to say that moringa oil has a potential to become a useful source of fuel both industrial as well as domestic in the years to come.
Moringa oil is also a top ingredient in the cosmetics, weight loss and beauty industry.