One of my greatest joy in this end time youth is the emergent of giant, young men and women panting to know God and his ways, baptism of the Holy Ghost, diverse signs and wonder across the nations of the earth in fulfilment of the prophecies ‘’And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy… Joel 2:28’’. God’s Spirit is at work in this end time bringing to pass these prophecies and now many young ministers are appearing on the scene. But let’s not be unaware of this the devil the destroyer is out to sow tares to see the unfulfilment of this prophecies.
Never the less what the Lord had spoken via is prophets shall come to pass but we must take note of this tares the enemy is sowing.
This is one of the most common ways the devil is getting to the hearts of young ministers.
We are in the days where the knowledge of the Lord is unlimited. Men are growing more and more in knowledge, we are in the days of knowledge and remember knowledge is power, you can’t possess much knowledge and not be tempted to feel superior. The devil is out to the heart of young ministers, making them feel bigger than they are.
Mind me to say, applied knowledge is power, many young ministers are full of knowledge and no proofs and are arrogant. Some other ways young ministers walk in pride is lack of followership, because of the abundant of knowledge many young minsters refuses to have fathers over them that instruct and guide them, we are so full of our own wisdom and seem to know more than our fathers and can’t be corrected, fathers are like shoulders we ride upon, you move faster on the shoulders of a father, this take me to my next point
Young ministers are to be mindful of this, because of the abundant of knowledge,  we tend to be  able to detect some errors in our fathers , but mind you only the unwise will feel exalted in that, even in times to come many other young Christians will discern the our errors. It is wise of you to learn from those errors of our fathers and love them.
I added this because this yoke have to be broken in this generation; we are one body in Christ and are all running towards perfection. But what do we see today I am of, I am off that, this didn’t just start, it started from the early church, Paul had to admonish the early church, ‘is Christ Divided?’ 1Cor1:13. Let no one think highly of himself than the other, or think wisely of himself than the other 1Cor1:19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent, Please read 1Cor1 very well.  We are all the Body of Christ and will the leg say I want to stand alone or the arm walk alone, let’s work together to bring all things back to God and not be dominational in our walk with God and judgement, God is for all, the strong hold of domination is broken from the body of Christ inn Jesus name!
This is really common about young ministers; they get so controversial, always ready for a debate. Not all question are to be attended to, not all news needs your comment. Often times we’ve been opened up to a dimension in the Holy Ghost  and want all to see our way, we  have more  knowledge about God and begin to debate with  the babes, or even our fellow ministers. Forget not your calling , you were called to save not to debate or condemn, lets watch it.
You can’t do it own your own, you need help, you need men. Never forget how important people are to the fulfilment of your calling.  Let me start from Moses in scriptures Gen 18:14  And when Moses’ father in law saw all that he did to the people, he said, what is this thing that thou do to the people? Why sitteth thou thyself alone, and all the people stand by you from morning to even, vs 18 ‘’thou will surely wear away…’’  Don’t carry all the load of the ministry on your shoulder alone , Moses’ father in law advised him wisely to get to himself men that will carry the work load with him. Remember it’s not your calling its Gods and it is for his people. Note even Jesus had to get to himself twelve disciples to run the vision. You cannot be the counsellor, the administrator, the preacher, everything? You’ll wear out. Take note.  The Lord grants you wisdom in Jesus name!
You were not called to rank, you were called to save. When the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable, cause if many of us understand the levity of what we were called to do, we won’t fall into most of this error.
The primary reason for this all is the love of God, we are lost seeking a name when we are to give God a name, it’s nothing about us.
Jesus came to serve and he got to himself a name above every other name, only servants get to stardom in the ministry.
 Matt 20:27-28 And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant… even the apostles had this issues they were looking for ranks. We have ministers these days seeking some levels of anointing nit because of the people but because of self, for self-accomplishment, to testify their arrivals.
No! That’s not what you are called for, remember your first love God and the things of his kingdom, in your lifting of God kingdom is your lifting Matthew 6:33.
This should be your primary purpose, the Love of God and His Kingdom God help us all in Jesus name!
God’s agenda for this end time is that all men will lift his name, and you are God’s agent of change,, it all about  God and nothing of you,, only God lovers can last in the ministry. Go out him and let it be all about him, and the devil won’t find a way… God bless you!