From: Executive Secretary
To: All Resident Pastors and Heads of Station (HM/FM)
Subject: Re: 37th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service
Date: May 3, 2018
New Dawn greetings in Jesus name.
The above subject matter refers.
Please be informed that during the 37th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service, the Mystery of the Prophetic Mantle shall be engaged for an impartation of the Manifold Graces at work in the life of the Apostle over this Commission.
All Pastors are therefore expected to use the Shiloh Prophetic Mantle in this regard.
Members should be informed to come along with their white handkerchiefs to partake of this mystery.
Elaborate announcements should be made at Fridays Covenant Hour of Prayer and Liberation Night Service.
Kindly treat with dispatch and inform neighboring stations.
Indeed, it is our New Dawn Era.
Ntia, Ubong J
Cc: FVP, MS, SP’s & NP’s