The state of the economy has placed everyone on his/her feet searching for Jobs here and there. Lots of undergraduates have been moving around after school doing nothing tangible.
As it is for most job seekers after the graduation from a tertiary institution, they all have this common phrase of “here starts my professional life” and the search begins.
Many have tried various means while looking for a job and have failed but if they manage to cover every possible way in getting one, the effort becomes fruitful. Below are listed 7 ways to help you get through job search processes; embracing a great opportunity in no time.

  • Networking: This is one power tool in finding your job of choice. It helps you connect with every individual; friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, customers, associate etc. who works in the firm or company you are interested in as job leads are now developed through networking. Your range of opportunities depends on how big your network is. So, do well to approach every single person in your network and also expand it so as to increase your chances of getting one so quickly.
  • Online Job Portals: This is the second biggest source of generating job leads and of course has a higher tendency of securing one. You would have to post your resume on many sites but doing that might not work literally. So, to get the job of your choice, you should target industry specific job portals or sites that permit job filtering based on your field. Job filters helps a lot in simplifying the job seeking process and can save you a lot of time.
  • Job Fairs: These are relatively new forums that play the role of a bridge between job seekers and employers. Employees are sent to job fairs by organizations to recruit top-notch talents. These fair occurs at different times of the year depending on its organizers. So, you should get yourself prepared; coming up with strategies that can help you leapfrog others.
  • LinkedIn: This is the place where employers search for the best suited candidate for the job vacancy that’s available. You should create an impressive LinkedIn profile as this helps you get information on your desired job and also make them approach you. Also do well to join groups that recruit; as many as you can. Presenting yourself the very best way, avails you the opportunity of being selected by the employer of your choice.
  • Door to Door: Another way to secure your job of choice is to move from an office to the other with your resume and helping documents. You can be called over for an interview right on the spot if lucky enough. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the organization one wants to really work with and also go prepared.
  • Hash tags: This is common and used basically on a social media platform known as Twitter. You should sign up for an account as this media is on the boom; not left behind for job seekers and employers. Examples of hash tags to be used are #opportunity, #HR, #Hiring etc. You can also engage this method by specifying in your search using industry-specific hash tags such as #SEO, #Marketing and the likes or even tweet yourself in the list of prospects with tags such as #jobseeker, #employmment.