I have been into Agriculture in general (Both Livestock farming and plantation agriculture) for over 5years now and the experience as been overwhelming, surely am not thinking of stopping or quiting Agriculture anytime soon.

But I have a question for my fellow farmers and agriculturists out there reading this Blog, 

in your own perspective which of the two farming is more profitable in africa and most especially in Nigeria (If you live in another continent you can share your own experience too).

Personally, I love and so much love animal production – the livestock farming.

I believe animal production is way more better than Plants, however am not ignorant of the fact that we can’t have livestock production without Plants and green plantations in place, Livestock animals like Poultry, sheep, pig, goats, Grasscutter, rabbit and the likes all rely and feed on green grass and legumes/cereals gotten from plants, this makes the animal existence to be impossible without plants.

This must have been the reason for the concept of Mixed Farming – which involves you planting various kinds of crops on a farm land, and raising livestock animals on the other side of the farmland.

   We can get animal feeds from plants and crop, and some other edible by-products but when it comes to market value, we can be so sure that animals (Livestock farming) are way more profitable than plantation and crop farming, even many wealthy farmers in Nigeria like Obasanjo farms are more into the animal production than the plants, 

Take for instance; pig farm of 10 Pigs, in total you spend just #5000 to feed them per months and in just 4months you would have a great weight pig ready for market sales that are between 40,000 to 70,000 so you can imagine how much you have invested, saved and profited from in your livestock farming.

Poultry is another very powerful and profitable venture we can’t take for granted, its one of the most engaging farming venture today and it can never be exhausted with the ever increasing population of the world, people needs more egg, more meat, more feathers and bone meal, blood meal and other stuffs like that, so all this makes animal more profitable than plant production, but God is mighty, he as structured it in such a way that we can not do without the two, you need the other while you are into one.

I however, don’t want to be alone in this conclusion so i want to hear and read your own perspective too, so please drop your comments below.

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