Poultry Farming Business is one of the prominent Businesses in the Livestock Farming Industry, and with the increase in Population, there is a corresponding increase in demand for Animal Protein and this seems to be a perfect solution.
Layers and Broiler Birds are two different birds with two distinct purposes attached to them, so motive becomes an important factor, when we are considering which one to choose, because the two serves a different purpose entirely.
Today, I will quickly give a break down and we would consider which one is most Profitable between these two Ventures.
Broilers are fatteners, they are essentially raised for their Meat purpose, they tend to grow faster when placed on the right Diet composition and they are heavy eaters.
Broilers reaches maturity in 3 – 4months, they are good Business for Festive Seasons, and they make lots of money for their owners, most People tend to consider Broilers when the year is coming to an end, so as to sell during festive period, since there is bound to be higher patronage during those times, and consider the Rice and Chicken Culture that as build up predominantly with most Festive Season (Especially, Christmas), it is of a necessity that we get broiler chicken for festive celebration to be complete.
Broilers grow faster, especially when they are placed on the right diet, and you can actually make good money with Broilers, especially marketing them into the festive period, when everyone is looking forward to buying one to celebrate the season.
Let’s Do a Little Mathematics here; If you have 500 Broilers and you raised them to a quality market size and kg, and you sold each for #5000, that will give you a total of = #2,500,000.
That is good Money for your Time and Business.
Though you can also run Broilers Farming, when it’s not festive period, you can sell them all year round, but you must establish a Market, for instance, you could be supplying a Commercial Eatery,  A Restaurants, Shoprite and co, because Agriculture is best when you have a Ready Market on ground, and with the population growth in our Nation right now, that is very possible, you just have to be strategic, a lot of us makes Millions Annually from selling Broilers during Festive Period, even those that are not into Livestock Farming, leverage this Opportunity and make good money from it.
Most Commercial Eateries and Restaurants use chicken daily, for a food recipe or for a whole chicken sales, there is high demand for it, you can reach out to them, write proposals, and build a Business Network, which can help you run a annual Business Plan Successfully.

Layers is a Money Magnet and it has so much Potentials in it, I wouldn’t want to say it’s beyond Broilers, but am sure, after this Write-up, you will be able to make your choice.
Eggs are needed and consumed on a daily basis, most folks during festive season tends to go for Egg when they can’t afford Fish or Chicken, Restaurants and Eateries utilize Egg daily, families with Children also consume Egg daily, Egg is utilized as part of Ingredients for manufacturing Snacks, Egg rolls, Cakes, Paint Industries also utilize Egg as raw material to manufacture their Products.
The Demand for Egg currently in Nigeria is so high, that we have not been able to meet the market, due to that, the Country still import Eggs, this is an eye opener to the level of Demand that is currently available and accessible in the Poultry Industry.
Egg Production is one of the industries that can never be stocked or exhausted in Nigeria, you just need to learn and position your Business strategically, in order to be able to maximize the potential in this Industry.
Now, Let’s do a little analysis, you can run a Layer Poultry Farm and have about 50 Crates of Egg on a daily production basis, and a crate of Egg currently sells for #1000, that would be 1000 x 50 = 50,000. Now 30 crates of egg x 30days, that is 900 Crates;
900 x 1000 = #900,000!
So you will be earning #900,000 on a Monthly Basis, that is a whooping Profit, Now if you have more than this number of crates daily, then you’d be making more than that, of course you are going to incur cost of production like Feeding, Housing, Medication and all sort, but the good aspect of the whole story is, in a short while, the Birds will begin to yield sufficient money to feed themselves and you would not have to spend extra money from your pocket for feeding.
The Egg sales will begin to generate sufficient funds to keep the Business running.
Every Home in Nigeria today, eats egg daily, most of the meals requires egg, and that tells you how massive the patronage  and Industry is, the Truth is, (Though Based on individual Preference) Egg Production is extremely profitable than Broilers, because the patronage is higher and due to the population growth, there is a corresponding increase in demand for Egg.
You would probably have to weigh the options available, in terms of cost of establishment, running cost, marketability, Location among others.
These are the major requirement that will help you to determine your Success in the venture; you might need to seek Market in other states far away from where you are, because there could be more demand over there, than where you are, so you enlarge your tentacles.
Food and Agricultural Business are the Pillars of Nations, because the first problem that needs to be solved is ‘Hunger’  and that is what makes the Industry highly lucrative.
As long as there are human eating daily, Agriculture and Farming Business will keep flourishing, because there will always be demand for Food in the Society, you just need to be strategic and position yourself to a part of the Industry where you can deliver and master over time.
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