Latest Money Making Ideas in Nigeria Today!
Nigeria is one of those places around the world, where you can stay creative and make cool money from your own very discoveries, Businesses without having to wait for the government all the time.
1. Poultry Farming
With the current attention the agricultural sector is receiving from the federal government, there is no better time to take advantage of participating in agro-allied businesses than now.
A lot of investments have been made by Nigerians in this sector. Nevertheless, the food deficit still remains high.
Poultry farming has not ceased to contribute substantially to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of Nigeria and also on the standard of living of Nigerians. Poultry farming, if done right can significantly improve the income potentials of Nigerians.
2. Food Processing
Food processing is a money making idea that holds a lot of promise.
Value addition sums up the entire concept of food processing. Food products hitherto sold in their crude form can be processed and neatly packaged. A lot of work is reduced for buyers (especially busy consumers) who are constrained by their busy work schedule.
The value addition process makes the difference.
Take for instance the foreign rice and local rice. Processing plays a big role on demand for this commodity.
Consumers prefer imported rice to local rice due to the level of processing. For foreign rice, impurities such as stones and dirt are absent while the opposite is true for local varieties.
3. Rental/Catering Business
It will not be out of place for one to say Nigerians love outdoor events. Several occasions are held on a weekly basis in the country. These occasions will require these services. This money making idea is of great importance as it proffers solution to a need while reaping generous profits. In outdoor occasions, people need a roof over their head as protection against the elements and food to eat. Providing this strategic service can immensely reward you.
4. Photography
Pleasant memories are golden when captured. Multimedia phones now compete with cameras in storing memorable life events. The art of photography remains popular and relevant, as it represents professionalism. Photography is a money making venture that has continued to thrive over the years. It has not waned in significance, but has witnessed innovations. There are many occasions that require coverage. Being able to satisfy these needs will greatly enhance your income stream.
5. Freelance Services
Offering freelance services is a great way of making money in Nigeria. Freelancers are in high demand these days. This is because their services are cheaper as compared to employing people who will do the job. Businesses consider the services of freelancers cheaper, hence the high patronage witnessed. As a freelancer in Nigeria, you can offer your services for a fee. Services such as building a website, writing jobs, solving academic problems among several other types of skill sets are provided in exchange for money.
6. Starting a Consulting Business
Starting a consulting business is another money making idea you can take advantage of. A lot of individuals and businesses need the services of consultants in different sectors.
To start this, adequate knowledge is needed on the chosen field. For instance, if one was to consult on financial matters, he/she would need to have a proper and detailed understanding on how the financial sector works.
These are some of the money making ideas available to Nigerians. Embarking on any of them requires adequate knowledge and skill. Once the knowledge is present, the sky would be the limit for such an individual or business