Hello excellent lady, I want to show you a ‘bed’ that
you must not sleep on if you don’t want to lose
your best in life. It is on this bed many winners
are later declared losers. This bed is so
attractive and captivating that every one like to
sleep on it but just a single sleep on it can make
your destiny slip off your hands. I have seen
great ladies, full of passion, vision, grace, beauty,
gifts, talents, aspiration been reduced to
nonentity and mediocrities just because of this
bed. I know you are eager to know what bed I
am talking about here. I will tell you, just follow
me as you read on.
We have three types of bed as far as sex is
We have:
3. EXTRA-MATRIMONY BED. (1 Corinthians
15-20, Hebrew 13: 4, 1 Thess. 4:3-4 )
Because of space, I will not talk about the other
two types of bed. I want to talk about the one
that really concerns you as a single lady.
PRE-MATRIMONY BED: This is the bed of sex
before marriage. This is the bed of pre-marital
sex. Now listen to me princess, this bed is so
common in our generation that those who are
not sleeping on it are regarded as outdated or
old-fashion. Any time you go into sex with any
guy, it is on this bed you are sleeping. I need to
let you know that this bed has peculiarities, you
don’t sleep on it and stand up and remain the
same. This bed alters your life inside out. Once
you are on this bed, the following things will
automatically happen:
You make a deposit: Young lady, let it be
known to you that premarital sex is more than
‘put it’ and ‘remove it’. It is not just for fun. You
make some deposit during your adventure on this
destiny-destroying bed of pre-marital sex. You
deposit your glory, virtue, your joy, your
confidence, your virginity, your integrity, your life
into the life of the one you are having sex with.
Every deposit you make during sex before
marriage makes you a loser because you lose
those things
You make a withdrawal: During pre-marital
sex with that your boy friend, man- friend, sugar-
daddy or whatever you call him, you make a
withdrawal. You automatically withdraw pains,
shame, guilty conscience, curses, sexual
transmitted diseases, wrath of God, distorted
vision, unwanted pregnancy, aborted future,
damaged womb, and eternal punishment in hell if
you refuse to repent before death closes your
following are the reasons why ladies ‘sleep’ on
pre-matrimony bed and there by getting agony
instead of harmony.
Pressure: It can be pressure from friends, from
boy friend, fiancé, bosses, lecturers, teachers,
etc. Don’t allow any pressure to push you into
the bed of immorality; you will pay dearly for sex
before marriage. (Prov. 1:10)
Ignorance: Many married men are taking
advantage of the ignorance of young ladies to
lure them into this bed of sexual perversion. Be
wise! (Hosea 4:6)
Wrong Information: Many ladies have been
wrongly informed by their friends, movies and
worldly magazines that love is sex and that, the
best way to show love to that guy is to have sex
with him. That is wrong, that is a lie!
Broken Home: Many ladies from broken homes
engage in premarital sex as they lack true
parental supervision and godly training. Dear,
don’t allow the fact that you came from a broken
home to give you a broken destiny. Refuse to
destroy your life through immorality.
Indiscipline: If you lack self control, you will be
an easy prey to guys and they will lure you into
sex to damage your destiny. ( Proverbs 25: 28)
Idleness: If you are always idle, you will cuddle
sin, especially sexual sin.
Financial Problem: Many ladies offer their body
for sex with their boyfriends, sugar daddies just
to get money to buy clothes, pay school fees,
etc. if you are guilty of this, you are purely a
prostitute. Repent fast, work hard &make money
through your hand not body.
Curiosity: Many ladies are just too curious to
know how “it feels and tastes like’ to have sex.
Be careful of unholy curiosity.
Let me stop here for now, I know you have been
touched by God through this write up. Are you
already sleeping on this bed of immorality
through your involvement in sex as a single lady?
Are you still a virgin and your flesh, friends and
feeling are pushing you to have a taste of this
bed of sex before marriage?
I want to plead with
you because I strongly believe in your colourful
destiny, Please, don’t sleep on this bed!
If you
have slept on this bed before, please, never go
there again!
Pre- marital sex destroys fasters
than anything.
Run from sex before marriage.
Don’t sleep on that bed.
I warn you!