Many young ladies may have a dream guy, as a friend of mine once call it. Before you conclude marrying your fantasy I call it, these eleven kinds of guys should not be on your list of consideration. Marriage is not a world of fantasy, marriage is hard work, failure in marriage is failure in life, and therefore you must prepare adequately and get all the knowledge needed to work the journey with ease before saying I do to any man. Here are eleven tips that would guide you on the man to consider marrying.

  1. A confused guy; marriage is a lifetime contract, and I’m sure you won’t want to sign up with a man that doesn’t know where he is going, in marriage a man is the leader and the both of you are to complement each other dreams and goals, any man so confused of where he is going and what he is doing is not ready for marriage.
  2. A selfish man; these kind of men may have a vision but could be so self centered, he is so bend at accomplishing his dreams that he ignores yours and less concerned about your visions, such men will make you a house wife and use you only for their benefits. You would not want to marry such a man if you are a woman of vision
  3. A Control Freak:  Everybody, especially men likes to have thing their own way, a man who is control freak may be abusive and when things does not go the he wants it. Marriage is a union of two becoming one, and mind you, no one knows it all. Any man who is so full of his own will or is own way may never listen to you when you marry even when he is wrong.
  4. The I know more than you; Just similar to the control freak. It’s good to have your husband know more than you but watch it, any man that make you feel intimidated by his knowledge of everything, he may make you always feel wrong
  5. The mama’s boy; Every man should love his mother, it’s beautiful, but watch out for a man who is so married to his mother, you may end you marrying both him and his mother. Any man that before he makes any decision must first seek counsel from his mother, in marriage he would always compare what you do to that of his mother and his mom will be your marriage counselor.
  6. The pretty boy; any man who is concern about his looks, his car, his dress, his house. You may end up broke, after purchasing a car you can’t afford, or living in a house he can’t adequately pay for.
  7. The push over;  a man who doesn’t take responsibility, he pass on all decision for you to take, such he man is not ready for marriage
  8. The fitness freak; some men are just so addicted to body fitness, and unfortunately lot of ladies are so carried away by those six packs, dear that’s not going to put food on your table, security this day is not in physical combat but more of financial security.
  9. A manly man; He is all about sports, party, beers, these are also vision less men, no point of direction just enjoying life, always out with his fellow gang, he won’t give you all  the attention you need
  10. The playboy; this habits may be difficult to break, even in marriage, be careful before saying yes to a man reputable as a playboy.
  11. The man who doesn’t fear God; by wisdom a house is built and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. A man has a responsibility to father you and the home. He is the leader of the family and no unit can do better than its leader. Marry a man that would build you in the fear of God and cultivate you to be better.

I admonish every reader to give to knowledge, my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, you don’t train on the battle field, you train before going to marriage. Read and understand and apply at least five books before going to marriage and listen to spiritual leaders on marriage. With God on your side you will have a hitch free marriage.
List of some books to study on marriage and relationship
Success In Marriage by Bishop David and Pst Mrs Faith Oyedepo
Waiting And Dating  by Myles Munroe
Understanding Love by Myles Munroe