The dream of every serious undergraduate is to see themselves get out of schools some days, every student are always found of anticipating that day in which they will get out of school and always at the end of every session calculating the years remaining to get out of school, in the condition of the country where many don’t even don’t know what to do after graduation they still want to graduate.

And apparently the nest move of any student after graduation from institutions such universities and polytechnics is go on for their NYSC except for the cases of those who decide to defer their NYSC for some reasons best known to them.

And in very rare cases do people get posting immediately after graduation, only the few are lucky to get posting few months after their graduation to go on the course of NYSC within the period of one year so as to obtain that which will grant them entry to the cooperate labor market in Nigeria which is the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate.  It is being noticed that larger percent of those who were able to make it to their graduation are also being kept home for some months even before their posting. Most graduates spent this time doing nothing land this may appear kind of sad because of whatever time wasted of used up cannot be recovered, the best you can do to you time is to invest time but so unfortunate that many just stay and do nothing with this particular time that’s why we will quickly be looking majorly on this article what you can do with this time before you posting.

We have bring to several jobs you can do even while still waiting for your posting, this are jobs that can produce quick earning for you, stay tuned as we journey together on this,

  • Online Tutoring. Are they type that is so sound academically? Have you thought about tutoring online? I tell there are a lot of people online today that desire sharing out of you knowledge, what’s that, that you know how to teach very well mathematics t, English, science courses or any other thing, even to the extent of teaching trades online do you have particular skills that is worth sharing with other and make your money from them there are different online platform that can get you ready for that and make your money from them. Platform such as TotalPrep, Protech, PrepClass and several free freelance website can help you out on this and give you chance to share knowledge and earn money.
  • Sale Consultant For An Online StoreIf you have good negotiation and persuasion skills, then this one is for you. Large online stores like Jumia and Konga sell through sales consultants. Jumia runs a sales consultant scheme that pays consultants commissions when they sell items supplied by the store. There are no special qualifications for this role and all you will need to get started is a phone or laptop connected to the internet.
  • Graphic Design. This is another work opportunity that can keep you on a earning terms, you can quickly learn this in few month and make your earning from it, it is very easy to learn with full attention and concentration you dont need any formal education to be a good graphic designer. You can learn on your own and this is a good way to invest the time you will spend waiting for your NYSC posting. You can start by taking free online graphic design courses and reading relevant books. Check out Shaw AcademyAlison and other online resources for free courses, and you can earn a living from designing logos, flyers, book covers, business cards, invitation cards etc.
  • TranscriptionTyping audio file is another work that can grant you an earning, if you have good typing skills and you are stuck at home waiting for the NYSC posting, you should give this a thought. Starting a transcription business is not so hard and you can make good money from it too. Before you start, do your research, practice and decide if you want to provide general transcription services or focus on a particular area e.g. medical or legal. Go on to advertise your business and source for jobs, Upwork and social media are good places to source for freelance transcription job.
  • Translation. If you are the type that is bilingual or fluent in more than one foreign language then working as an online translator may be another good opportunity for you, and Getting started is easy especially with freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr at your disposal. Alternatively, you can sign up with a website that employs online translators like Gengo.
  • Digital Marketing. You can Learn various Digital Scales to help you get started with Digital Marketing, Google and Youtube is a great and resourceful platform to learn various digital skills across various fields.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media is filled with too many users, thus, the reason why you can gain more than enough user and traffic from various social media to drive engagement and audience to your product or services hereby reaching a greater volume of audience all across the world.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :  This is a kind of Digital Marketing sill, which is becoming very essential in MArketing various apps and web platforms these days.
  • Web Design. You can learn to create and build website and make money by building it for people,companies, individuals, Organisation and many other establishment, thus making a lot of money.
  • Freelance Writing. Freelance Writing is gaining serious recognition by the day, more and more are beginning to wake up into the potential and profits that is in this industry, you can outsource the service and you can offer a freelance writing service on fiverr or other freelance platforms and make good Money.

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