Honestly speaking, because money has gone on online many fraudulent scammers have also gone online, creating flights by nights websites and companies just to defraud the new babies and inexperienced customers in online business. These fake companies most of the times do not have any products or services they offer ok. So please you must be very careful and try and always work with a genuine online consultant to guide you.

Just try and follow these few instructions and it will be very hard for you to be a victim of those thousands of fake online businesses.

1} Avoid all PH and GH online or whatsapp business. They are confirmed ponzi schemes only using the new members money to pay their uplines and it must crash ones there is little or no new more members joining. Dont be tempted by their payment proofs. Always remember that MMM and co.

2} Avoid every S9 Antiminers claiming to mine bitcoin for you in every 9.6hours. These are all confirmed defrausters

3} Avoid any unsecured websites that starts with http://, instead make sure that any website or company you want to do any business with starts with https://

4} Always use these two websites { https://scamadvisor.com or https://netbusinessrating.com to check how safe the company is. With these, you can find out how genuine and legitimate the company is

5} Avoid every online business that claims to pay you anything above 1% daily income. So don’t be greedy dear.

6} Avoid every online business that advises you to private chat him/her. All genuine business must be discussed in the open

7} Avoid everyone who claims to buy or sell bitcoin to you privately. Always try to use a registered bitcoin vendors or genuine escrow whatsapp group chat

8} Avoid every ICO companies mostly lending ICO that don’t have white papers and the clear identity of the people behind them. 90% of them are confirmed fake

9} Avoid Airdrops companies that encourages you to invest even $0.0001, 95% of these airdrops are confirmed fake

*10} Most importantly, always get advice from online consultants before investing your hard earned cash*

Let’s join hands to starve all these scammers spoiling genuine online businesses.

To your financial success