Humility can take you to the level where your certificate can can not.
This mathematical genius, (Phd holder)
Humble himself and drop his certificate to answer divine call.
Today, Daddy is highly respected and honour among men, because he follow God’s lead.
If he hard follow his passion for lecturing, he would have be among the lecturers without PVC holding our students to Ransome because of unpaid salaries.
Obey God at all time, even if it look like foolishness to obey him.
The wife also except him when he was still struggling.

He told the wife, “I am not rich except the little brain God gave me” the wife saw how, he gave honest report about himself and accept his marriage proposal.
Today they are both bless and are blessing to nations. If you can humble yourself and do what God told you to do, he will do that which no man can do for you.