Thousands of men and women get into stage of retirement around the world daily, but quite many are not conscious about it or many are less concerned especially in this part of the world.
Myles Munroe once said ‘’ failure to prepare is preparation to fail’’. Nothing is not worth preparing for even to the food you eat you prepare it, how much more something that has to do with your welfare, preparation it wisdom.
A joke humorously said man enjoys the first twenty years for his life been feed and pleasurably and the other forty years in the labor market, and the next ten year we do monkey tricks to entertain the grand children and the last ten years we sit on the front porch and bark at everyone.
Life is gradually running out and if you want to spend your final years pleasurably, prepare for it.
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Retirement may mean different things to different people, it may a time to change from a full time job to a per time job. To others it may be a time to rest and just enjoy the fruit of their labor, it all matters what will give you peace after retirement. It is really important to know how you will get there financially so as to know what to start doing now.
Firstly you will have to sit down and define your retirement, how do you want your retirement to look like. To some especially entrepreneurs it may be a time to rest, travel round world, time to explore those things you were not able to do while working. While to others like civil workers it may be a time to start a small business to remain financially stable.

Whether you are an entrepreneur before retirement or a civil worker, you have to plan your financial status after retirement, don’t attempt to gamble into it, plan how you would remain stable financially so as to be at peace after retirement.
Often some may want to rely on children to take care of them after retirement, but I promise you would not want to be liability after retirement, you would want to be independent.
How do you get at this?

  1. Start where you are now: any place you are is a good beginning, that little you have now is enough to secure your future
  2. Evaluate your asset s
  3. Envision your retirement: Lack of vision is the root of every failure in life, yes it count in retirement, you don’t leave nothing to chance, what do you want your life after retirement to look like. This will give you a feedback of what you should be doing now.
  4. Invest: in what so ever way you could invest, just invest. This is not the time to save, because after retirement there’s no source of sufficient income to save no more.
  5. Start a business; run a business which doesn’t require your full attention. Think of what you can do that will give you a constant flow of money to keep you financially stable.

Another essential preparation is the mind, you have to prepare for retirement emotionally, retirement is another very important event in anyone life and may leave you with a feeling that you’ve lost your identity. While in full time job, you may work round the clock but after retirement what will you now do with your time, this may affect you mentally, so you have to outline what you want to do with your time, like a work with less stress, most times writing may do. Also get engaged with your hobbies to keep you always alive, and also get a social group, people in your age group. A research taken observed that many elderly tend to suffer complication when they are left alone, so get a social group and relate. This helps to secure your health effectively.
Finally  you don’t retire from service to God; get yourself more engage in the kingdom of God, spend this time to serve humanity, you true peace and rest is in the kingdom of God, at this point you graduate from per time service to God to a full time service to God.