Natural Deep Bed Pig Farming uses indigenous micro-organisms (IMO’s) to create and maintain a healthy deep bed litter flooring. It is these micro-organisms that will help break down fecal matter rapidly leaving you with a fertilizer rich material whilst ensure no smells or flies (an important factor in the tropics in particular where pigs and millions of flies can be synonymous). We apply a home made enzyme/microbe mixture fosters rapid anaerobic digestion of waste.

What are micro-organisms?
Micro-organisms are all around us. They are vital to humans and the environment, as they participate in the Earth’s element cycles such as the carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle, as well as fulfilling other vital roles in virtually all ecosystems, such as recycling other organisms’ dead remains and waste products through decomposition. They are a key component of natural pig farming deep bed system.
(A) Get 1 kg of maize meal & mix with a little water just to bind the powder into a ball like posho. Divide this lump into 4 parts. Put each lump in a porous plastic bag (porous means it can let in air). Bury the 4 plastics for 7 days in 4 different places on your land. Make sure where you bury the plastics there will be no rats & will not get wet due to rain. Reason for burying is to enable the posho to attract (inoculate) the microorganisms from the soil.
After 7 days open up the plastics, you will notice that the posho now has “whitish mold” all over it
(B) Put all the 4 portions of posho together & thoroughly mix with about 1 kg of sugar
(C) put this mixture in a perforated plastic bag and hang it in a safe place for another 7 days, where there are no rats and put a bucket/basin just below this hanged plastic as it will start dripping in a few days (you will need this liquid, so don’t spill it)
.(D) after the 7 days, open up your plastic, initially break it up &mix with a little water (about 500ml) stir it well to get a thick liquid and to this add 2 kg of maize bran + 1 kg of sugar, stir well and finally mix in about 200 ltrs of water in a drum and wait for 7 days. Cover the drum with a cloth or used mosquito net to stop flies & other insects from drowning in your solution. After 7 days this liquid will be ready for use. It has a characteristic sweet smell. (This is what we call IMO solution).