Are you a musician or an upcoming Music Artists?
Getting along in your career definitely will require lots of money even after you might have built a good platform for yourself in terms of fame and population you will still need money to keep ahead in your career.
Most Top Music Stars like Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Rkelly, Dbanj, P-Squre, Rihanna and the likes of them has huge views on every of their music videos on Youtube and this simply means lots of money for them, they are making a killing on YouTube and some of them are still the trending youtube stars and youtube millionaire, most of their audiences are not aware of this because the monetization system on youtube is managed by Google Adsense so Google serve ads “advertisement” alongside with the video when it is been watched, you can take note of some of these adverts when you are browsing and watching various youtube videos – You should notice at times; some video in the beginning will display a content that does not tally with the Title and at the Upper right side you will see a clickable option that says “Skip AD” aside from them, there are also some text-based adverts that are managed on youtube videos just below the video at the bottom when you are watching it, it shows alongside, now if you are totally strange to the whole idea of how youtube monetization works, you can click here to read more.
A Brief on How Youtube Monetization Works
If you are a music star or you have a targeted audience and fans who knows you real good, youtube is one of the best way to earn passive income online which can go a long way to challenge your active income, youtube has been in existence for almost 5years and it was created with the inspiration gotten after a video of Janet Jackson performance was to be recovered for those who missed the event.
Ever since Google bought youtube, google has been the rightful owner of this video sharing network and the network has grown beyond measures under the supervision of Google as a search engine especially by been displayed on 1st stage is the search engine and under the video content result page, since youtube is a better way of showing expression and explanation/solution to people’s concern and questions, so many growth and development has taken place on this platform and some of them is the monetization system that is owned by Google “Google Adsense” you can read about Google Adsense here.
Google adsense is a publishers program owned by Google where Google displays the advertisement offers from the advertisers who uses ‘ Google Adword” to list their various products and service in the front of their ready audience through the platform of Google Adsense and Adword.
Adsense is displayed on both Search Engine pages, Publishers Blogs and Websites, and also majorly on youtube.
Making Money on Youtube is very easy, sweet and almost anonymously, over 50,000views can make around 30 to 50dollars based on some criteria and conditions, most Top Music Artist doesn’t have less than 1million views so you can imagine how much they are making with their youtube channels, if you are a Big Music Artist, and you are yet to create and monetize your youtube videos then I suggest you do now.
Nigeria Artists like Timaya, P-Sqaure,Dbanj, Wizkid, Olamide, Davido and the likes has nothing less than one million views per videos on their youtube channel and these platform in conjuction with google adsense is making them real good money on youtube, most of these artists are Youtube Millionaires and they are silently making their money even as they build their reputation and feed their fans with their latests, you don’t have to be a big fish in the industry before you can get started with these program just make sure you create the youtube channel with your stage name and add  a little bio about yourself for your viewers, upload some of your videos and always make your latest videos available on your channel before uploading on websites, In so doing, you will gradually build a lists of subscribers.
I hope you have learnt the latest trick to make your music earn you some good money online
If you have further questions, drop them below and I will reply them.