The truth is, we dwell in realms of two highly contradicting kingdom, the kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light, and when you are born again, you are welcomed into the kingdom of LIGHT where no darkness prevails, you are considered to have been saved by the Blood of Jesus and therefore you are in charge, you are exempted from the ones the devil torment and oppress on the earth.
But to be sincere, some level of Power exists in this two kingdoms, we can not say the devil is powerless, that is not true, the devil has power with which, he uses to torment and afflict people all around the world.
There are many people who are oppressed of the devil, even since the time when JESUS has been on the earth,the devil as been tormenting and oppressing people in various ways, but the Bible says…. Jesus speaking ” I have come that they may have Life and have it more abundantly John 10:10 .
One beautiful thing, is that in this kingdom of LIGHT, Real Power and Dominion exist, i mean the type and kind of Power that can subdue the devils and render them useless and powerless, its our confident and Joy that the power of God only dwells in the kingdom of Light.
So on the strength of this reality which we know, we bounce and walk in confidence and dominion over the devil… That is what brought about this story about the Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who practically proved this to the world, media, government and powers of darkness, that TRUE Dominion, authority, and power is in Christ.
God as blessed the Africa Nations, with true men of God with great grace and God as their only source.
Idahosa is one of such men.
This is a man with God and he wrath so many exploits in Life, Ministry and the Kingdom of God globally!
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Today, i want to share with you how this man of God make a mess of kingdom darkness, while he was here, some of the encounters that are yet still speaking till today, is the Blessings Aliko Dangote received from him many years ago, which as made him the richest man in Africa.
In those days, Benin city use to be known as the ” City of Blood”, and witchcraft, occultic and dark powers were more real and practiced, there was a time they wanted to hold the world witchcraft meeting in Nigeria, and their so called ” Chief ” came from India, and Idahosa single-handedly came out and publicly make it known that this will not be possible, not when am here” .
It was all over the media, so the T.V Media decide to hold a meeting with the chief of witchcraft worldwide and Archbishop Idahosa, and after much questioning and all that, God’ s servant told the T.V Presenter, ” I have a question for this man” and he furthered saying, be careful of how you answer this question, because if you answer it anyhow, you can fall down now and die!
And the amazing thing is that, the whole world was watching the program, and so Idahosa asked the chief of witchcraft;
Are you really a Witch ?
… The respond took a while and was so slow, all of a sudden, he raised his voice and answered, NO!
Case closed!
That was how they couldn’t hold the witchcraft meeting in Nigeria.
Indeed, Archbishop Idahosa is a man of passionate love for God and his kingdom, and he as lived an exemplary life that is solely for the purpose of God’s kingdom on the earth, we bless God for his life and passion which is a major motivation for our generation in the now.
We believe by the grace of God and through partnership with the holy spirit, we will do much exploits for God too, amen!