Wow! Glory be to God in the highest, for such a wonderful Gift like Apostle Joshua Selman, a man of great Encounter with fire burning in his bones, and now he has transferred the same fire into the lives of multitude, especially young people, and Campus Students, he’s indeed a man of Great Revival, and this has been evident in everywhere he has been privileged to minister the Gospel.

We cannot share good will for him on his Birthday without acknowledging the wonderful works God is doing via his Sermons and Teachings, the Sermons are mind blowing, they are trail blazing, eye opener and Destiny molding, one of the greatest responsibility of Man and God’s Children is to live, obey and abide by God’s Standard, pleasing God in their daily living endeavors and lifestyle, but without a teacher, there is no way, we would understand the ways of God nor to talk of live to please, but we bless God for raising us a Teacher like Apostle Selman, every Campus Student in all Universities in Nigeria, cannot neglect the immerse impact of Apostle Joshua Selman, in showing us the ways of God, teaching the word of God, and impacting the love of God in our heart; way back from the days of his own University Education, even his mates were liberated from all forms of Oppression and Addiction by the Grace of God at work in his Life, and today, a larger congregation people gathered weekly at Koinonia, and lives are been impacted massive, destiny are been remolded, I remember one of his Sermons that I listen to about 2years ago, ‘Avalanche of his Presence’ that Sermon literally set me perpetually on fire, I prayed, I worshiped and Cry out to God and since that day, my life and walk with God as never remained the same again.

You can read Apostle Joshua Selman’s Biography Here.
Personally, have seen Drug Addict in some Universities giving their lives to Christ and been set perpetually on fire for him, after an encounter in Apostle Joshua Selman’s Meeting and their entire life was transformed totally.
We cannot just count the impact, there has been too much in a very short time, we have had people got healed form incurable Diseases at Koinonia Meeting, HIV positive turned Negative, people whose hands are cut due to accident or whatever, a brand new hand grew out in Koinonia healing and Miracle Services.
Even Pastors in other Ministries are blessed just by connecting to Apostle Joshua Selman teachings and impartation, there are just too many Testimonies, the work of the Devil been destroyed completely in the lives of people and a new chapter been opened to their lives and Destiny.
Apostle Selman is a man that places great priority on God’s Presence, he doesn’t take it with levity, and I have been Under his Ministration, and the presence was just too real, too tangible, as he mounts the pulpit, the atmosphere changes instantly and here comes this very feelable and Tangible Presence of God that cannot be denied!
There is a Hunger for God that, that atmospheric anointing use to create in meetings and services, it used to be very powerful, very potent and life transforming.

I also must acknowledge how God as used Apostle Joshua Selman to break the bound of Denominational Hold in the Body of CHRIST, many of us were born into our parent’s church and there is this inferiority/superiority complex that has prevailed over time, thus, making us to feel better than others and many times, affecting us from relating with other brethren, but via the teachings of Apostle Joshua Selman, insight and Understanding is granted in that direction and that issue is sorted without stress, we really bless God for the teaching, Apostle and Prophetic Mantle upon your life sir, and we are great beneficiary, of what you stand to represent in Christ, we follow you, as you follow Christ.
Watch a Documentary about his Life below;

God bless you Apostle Joshua Selman, for what you have stand to represent in the Body of Christ Globally, it is my prayer, that God will hold your right hand by his own and just like Cyrus, he will grant you strange unimaginable yet undeniable access in this new year in the name of Jesus, God will increase you in Grace, Power, Capacity, Anointing, Fire, Zeal, Passion!