38 John said to Jesus, “Teacher, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he wasn’t in our group.”

39 “Don’t stop him!” Jesus said. “No one who performs a miracle in my name will soon be able to speak evil of me. 40 Anyone who is not against us is for us. Mark 9.

One of the challenges of 21st century Nigeria is that of half education. Illiteracy is easier to manage than half education.

So many valuable properties were lost in Africa, because our illiterate ancestors depended heavily on half-educated freed slaves to mediate between them and imperialist. That was why the imperialist deliberately handed over power to such, to create rooms for further manipulation.

Half education goes with first class pride. An half educated person in the midst of illiterates is a lord. It took some of us times to know that what some of these village professors told us in the village are not true after all. In the southwest, we were told that AWOLOWO normally appears in the moon!, we believed them.

So many laughable taboos, but we believed them. It took me time to actually understand the wordings of national anthem, and so many children songs and poems. The version we were singing then, so hilarious, but we were on top of the world, dead serious, in fact our parents could not correct us, we were the best.

Have you ever tried to correct your children against what ‘uncle’ or ‘aunty’ told them in school, try it first, you will understand that he/she, with his/her NCE is more educated than you, despite your PhD.

I used to think that my primary 6 teacher knows book more than anybody in this world. We now know better. Not to talk of my secondary school maths teacher, who has Bsc(ed) in Mathematics, but Masters in beating. How do we even know that the beating sometimes is for old man to escape the mathematics he didn’t know the answer right there, to create room for him to go to the office and sought it out.

One of the challenges Africa is still facing is that of half-education. I am not talking about certification, we are almost the best in certification, our engineers are experts on papers, and our economists know what USA, FRANCE, UK ought to do, we are experts in analysis, and masters in matters yet to be practicalized.

The area that suffer most is our religion and politics, we just cant read between the lines, always fanatical about any little truth we grab. The smart elites know this, and they are playing the game well.

I told people some years ago that when the children of elites begin to return from their ivy league schools, there will be mass demand to reduce the eligible age of contestants, it would look like the people are demanding, then, the elites will handle the matter in a speed of light.

Now, it has happened, the youths rejoicing now cannot even afford election in Nigeria, even their fellow manipulated youths will be their major obstacle, what happened to NANS is what is programmed for any youths movement. Youths need to conquer half educated youths to move forward. It takes more than PhD to do that, many Doctors actually lack debt, interact with them and be sorry. You need real education, serious study, correct learning in the garb of true wisdom. It takes superior intelligence, humility and wisdom to help half educated fellows.

The same half-education is what the church is battling with, anybody can wake up with anything, any studious person can hoodwinks handout produced literates. We are not interested in real study, so we are driven here and there by every wind of doctrine.

The disciples above expected everybody to be part of their group,they were with JESUS but could not cast out demons, whereas, some who just came briefly had grasped the mantle, started exploiting.

They expected JESUS to stop them, he taught them a bitter lesson.

Those not against us are for us.

There is no day all of us will see things the same way. We will never practice the same things, our doctrines must be slightly different, same with our tradition, dogma, and liturgy. Even the whole story about reformation, do proper study, all the reformers fought against, they later did worse in their new denominations!. Facebook revolt does not rewrite Oyedepo’s liberation mandate, neither does it remove Adeboye, as father of the nation. It does not cancels Uma Ukpai’s covenant with God, neither does it invalidate Kumuyi’s call, Olukoya is very busy with his assignment, same with all generals in the kingdom.

Are they GOD? not at all, but even angels have levels. God himself sent archangels his most precious assignments,you may also need to know that all angels are age-mate, but not rank mates. There are many things I DO NOT PERSONALLY BELIEVE OR ACCEPT, but that is the way others do not accept some things my church practice.History just repeats itself, nothing is new to some of us, we have gone this way several times in church history.

My advice is this. Know your GOD, the last days are here, do not be deceived. Pray to God, study the Bible, understand the way God deals with you, know your purpose, live for it, fulfill it. Educated people know that you do not accept infallibility, you must be teachable, you must hear others out, you must be objective, ready to agree with superior opinion, accept others views, strengths and weaknesses. Half education makes you puff up, arrogant, rude, believe you know it all, reject correction, ready to always defend your opinion against all logic, and just like my primary school teacher, your followers will be ready to even die, if anybody tells them that you are not the best in the world. But like all of us as children,All you need is time, and we will give you.

Pastor Ojo Stephen Gbadegeshin