Through wisdom a house is built,… Proverbs 24:3
-I perceive in my spirit that this is your season to build your desired estate and mansions. Ecclesiastes 3:3
-In Genesis 4:11-12 The Lord God cursed Cain because he killed his brother Abel yet he went ahead to build a city. Genesis 4:17
-It therefore implies that there is curse that is strong enough to stop you from building your house this year in Jesus name.
-The first thing that you need in order to build your desired house is wisdom not money.
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Wisdom Pills
1)You must be determined to build. 2 chronicles 2:1
-Success only respond to the determined.
-You must refuse to be discouraged .
2)Start with whatever you have at hand. Zechariah 4:9-10.
-Avoid the temptation of waiting until you have a large sum of money before you start your building project.
Job 8:7 says, “Though your beginning was small, but your latter end would increase abundantly “.
-Starting with the little you have is a proof of your faith in God to build the house for you.
3)You will build many houses not only one.
Isaiah 65:21 says, “They shall build houses and inhabit them;…
-Avoid the trap of starting with a very big house.
-When I was building my first house I had to make a decision at some point about the size of the house and some other things then the Lord said to me “This is only your first house not your last house”.
-There is no wisdom in building a palace that you cannot eventually finish.
-Build your palace after you have built your first house.
4)Don’t start your building project without an architectural plan. 1chronicles 28:11.
-You will not like to build a house that you not like to reside in.
-Without a good architectural design major errors cannot be avoided.
5)You can make gradual provisions for your building project. 1 chronicles 29:2
-You can begin to pay for the materials you need gradually.
-Don’t wait until you have the whole cash.
-Pay for the materials gradually, collect your receipts and keep them. You will be surprised when you are called that you everything in abundance.
6)Count the cost. Luke 14:28
-Don’t start whatever you cannot finish.
-Every abandoned project always attract shame and mockery.
-Your project will not be abandoned in Jesus name.
7)Keep your building project a secret.
Nehemiah 2:12 says, “Then I arose in the night, I and a few men with me; I told no one what my God had put in my heart to do…”
-Some people will believe that you have surplus money and that is why you think of building.
-They can then begin to place unnecessary demands on you.
-If you can’t meet up with these demands the you could be faced with spiritual attacks you never prepared for.
-There are other people who are not diabolical but the moment they get to know about anything that is good the achievement of such a thing becomes impossible.
8)Carry your Prophet /Pastor along. Ezra 5:2.
Rev Femi Adigun
Tabernacle of Power Int’l Gospel Centre.