I may not know where you are now but whatever state you are now I want to stir up your faith and make you see many reasons why you must keep your hope alive and live every day with joy and be very optimistic about life.
There is a great plan for you and because there is a great for you there is also a great end for you if you are born again. Why am I saying this? You might want to know why I’m saying this to you with confidence, it is because of what God says about His people, that is everyone who is born again.
Here are His words concerning you and I; “for I know the plans I have towards you” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” ( Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)
God has great thoughts and plans for all His children and if you are born again the same thing applies to you also, they are:

    1. Plans to prosper you;
    2. Plans not to harm you and not to allow anything or anyone harm you;
    3. Plans to give you hope;
    4. Plans to give you a future and a great end.

This means there is no one who is genuinely born again who should be a failure in life except by choice and no devil or man can harm a child of God except he is ignorant of the truth. It means there is no such thing as I don’t know what the future holds for me for a child of God.
The reason why God saved you is not just to deliver you from the powers of darkness or prevent you from going to hell because anyone who is not born again is already in hell whether such person knows it or not.
God won’t bother saving anyone if He doesn’t have any good plan for such person. God is not like our biological parents who wait until they have children before they begin to think of what the child would do or become in life.
Before a man receives salvation, there is already a plan of God for such individual but only steps into the plan after salvation.
So, if you are born again and things are not going right with you, I want you to know that God has a great plan for you and He wants you to have a glorious future.

  1. God wants you to prosper and has drawn out many plans on how to help you become very prosperous in life.
  2. God doesn’t want anything to harm you and cannot bring any evil to you nor test you with evil, so if you are currently going through any challenge or bad situation and you are already blaming God for the bad situation I want you to change your thinking right now because God is on your side and will never bring evil on you. The devil is the evil one who always brings evil because he is the author of all evil. If you would begin to see how good God is, how much He loves you and cares about your well-being, things would begin to change in your favour. It doesn’t matter how bad things are right now, meditating and talking about the goodness of God would help change that situation because the devil will lose his power once you ignore him and celebrate God always. Therefore, close all the doors through which the devil is coming in to hurt or harm you, your business, career and marriage.
  3. God wants you to be full of hope. Without hope there is no reason to live and if you think there is no hope for you I want you to know that that is not God’s plan for you, He wants to give you hope and always want your hope to be alive. Without hope there is no reason for faith and when you don’t have faith you won’t see any reason to live. Let your hope come alive because only you can fulfill God’s plan and purpose for you, no other person can help you fulfill it and God’s greatest desire is to see and help you fulfill His plan and purpose for you because you would become a failure in life if you don’t fulfill His plan the only reason you were born. Begin now to think about His plan and purpose for your life and take steps towards the fulfillment of that purpose.
  4. God has plans to give you a future and a glorious end. God is a great and a glorious God and whatever that comes from Him is always great and glorious meaning, you were born great, there is already greatness in you as a result of your new birth and so your future is great, your end can be glorious if only you would work in His plan and purpose for you. No devil can stop you except you allow him by giving way to the devil which the word of God instructed us not to do. Only you can stop yourself and I know you won’t want to do that.

Today is a great day for you a day to begin great things.
You can be very prosperous, you can stop the devil any time and you can fulfill God’s plan and purpose.
You have hope because Christ is in you and He is your hope of glory. Stay blessed!
Written by: Abraham David
The president of Christ Habitation Ministries
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