Giant Papillon is one of the biggest races of rabbit, in particular to mark clouded in white coats. Usually sweet and kind, they are active, energetic and rabbits can be great fun.
Size: Giant
Type of hair: Short
Giant Papillon originated in the French region of Lorraine, in the late nineteenth century and is known there as the great Lorraine. Giants raised by Flemish, French Lop-eared rabbits big and see rabbits, they are initially colored or colored boar but further development of the natural characteristics of signs ‘butterfly’ that made the breed popular in the United States since 1920. Exported to early twentieth century, are known there as giant chess and been selected for a very different kind of Papillon giant.
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Giant Papillon is one of the biggest races, with a minimum weight of 5 kg (11 pounds), and a lot of weight over 6 kg (13 pounds).
Giant Papillon has a thin, muscular. The body has a long back straight, rounded hind legs and long, strong legs, and the width of the head of a broad and wide ears tightly held in a vertical position.
Papillons giant has a white coat with colored spots. They have colored ears, rings around the eyes, cheeks and flashing trademark butterfly shaped nose. A dorsal stripe (herringbone) running along the spine from ears to tail, with a few places in the thigh.
Papillons are characterized by good education is not easy. In most litters about half the young will have a good sign, there is usually a (color normal) self-color and partly marked too young. Rabbit with a sign part is often called ‘Charlies’, you are thought to have come from brand butterfly part of the nose that looks like a mustache ‘Charlie Chaplin’.
Papillons giant, soft hair short.
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Chocolate
  • Tortoiseshell
  • Tri-color


Papillons giants have a fairly calm temperament and are usually mild and good-natured. They are active, energetic and rabbits can be great fun. They need a lot of exercise.