“At once,the Pharisees went away and met with the supporters of Herod to plot out to kill Jesus” Mark 3:6 NLT
While we are in the midst of a great move of God, the enemy also has his people at work. You see, whilst you are busy walking in your purpose and posting pictures on social media, there are people who are watching silently desiring for your life to be destroyed.
Not everyone who follows you/talks to you/ smiles at you; likes u!
Some are filled with jealousy and have hardened hearts.
If only I had enough space to tell u of how extreme some people can go when Satan uses them to destroy others.
You see, the Pharisees had an option to not follow Jesus or show up where He was but there they were, in the same place as Him, listening, watching and following Him like faithful disciples.
You have to understand that haters are actually faithful followers.
They will follow you for years! I call them monitoring spirits😁.
They follow & know your every move, not for the purpose of cheering you on but to find misdemeanour and ground for accusations.
They ask you questions not to learn something from you but to plot against you. They were asking Jesus questions to catch Him out.
This is why we must always walk in the Spirit.
The Pharisees were present at every healing crusade, every bible study, every church sermon of Jesus, I mean, you have to give it up for them for their 5-star attendance; bravo👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 !
Dear reader, you think people are happy that God wants to bless you? You think everyone is smiling because you are walking in your purpose?
You think they are chuffed that God is doing great things in your life? Think again! Even members of your own household can become victims of jealousy, how much more strangers?
Again I say, be alert!
Be vigilant!
When I say, “be alert and vigilant” I mean in your spirit not in your brain, lest you become paranoid and suspicious of everyone.
Vigilance starts on your knees in prayer!
You watch in the spirit and pray in the Spirit realm then the physical-realm will abide to the spirit-realm.
This is how you begin living a victorious life!
Jesus was a Man of prayer that’s why He was not fazed by the faithful attendance of Pharisees or their many questions and hate.
Keep yourself in Prayer child of God, in this season and all seasons.