The President and Founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo has called on members of the Winners family to engage the forces of prayer and fasting as well as the force of revelation in order to take delivery of their New Dawn prophetic package.
The cleric made this statement during the first ‘One Night With The King’ of the 2018 edition of the annual 21 Days of prayer and fasting session of the church.
Speaking on the topic entitled: “Operating In the Prophetic New Dawn Realm In 2018” Bishop Oyedepo said, “Our New Dawn Era is a done deal, concluded in heaven and we are to take delivery on the earth.”
While noting that we serve a God of times and seasons and every vision is for an appointed time as stated in Ecclesiastics 3:1 and Habakkuk 2:1-3, the president of the Living Faith church worldwide also known as Winners Chapel, declared that the New Dawn Prophetic agenda of the church is ordained for full delivery in 2018 and shall be fully delivered in the lives of every winner.
“This is why we must learn to engage all forces for a speedy delivery of our own new dawn prophetic package for the year as individuals. Every provision makes demands on us for delivery if you are interested,” he urged, pointing out that there are relevant forces to engage to take delivery of what belongs to us in Christ.
Explaining what the New Dawn prophetic package is all about, the Apostle of Faith stated that “New Dawn” connotes a life where new things never cease happening. “It is a life where we continue to experience the supernatural acts of God as a way of life; it also connotes where new doors continue to open to us; where we continue to experience a change of story from strength to strength from glory to glory; where things that eyes have not seen nor ears have heard are the order of the day; where every day is Christmas.”  
According to him if you are interested in such a package you must be interested in the demands for delivery adding that one of the vital forces is that of fasting and prayer.
He noted that fasting is a commandment and not an admonition and every commandment of scripture is for our profiting.  “What you do or what you don’t do cannot affect God’s agenda, He reigneth forever and ever, and your vote is irrelevant,” he added.
Fasting, according to him is a platform for taking delivery of our new dawn heritage in Christ as stated in Isaiah 58:8 as the breaking forth of light is what is called a new dawn.