“Don’t block the way to your future with pride. Please come down from your pinnacle of self-esteem and allow God to lead you. Don’t stay in a place where no one can reach you.
Don’t scare away anyone you would have got married to…You have written your expectations…’the man must have studied abroad,’ and the man that God has for you doesn’t even have a passport, and has never travelled in his life before; that’s God’s plan for you but that’s too small for you…Now be loosed from the bondage of the spirit of pride…
…There are some men too, there’s no woman that fits the kind of woman they want to marry.
He says, ‘she must be 5 Ft 2 and must be in the medical sciences.’ He meets the first one and asks, ‘are you in the medical sciences?’
She says, no, I’m in Liberal Arts,’ and he says ‘no way, you are too far from the standard I have set…’ And he walks around throughout his life solitary…You will not miss God’s plan for your life this year in Jesus’ name…
Can I tell you my joy?
The greatest waves of marriages will take place in this church this year.” – Bishop David Oyedepo, March 4, 2018