When I was in primary school, I remember vividly how if one wants to remember things, the teacher would put it into a song or into Musical Rhythm.
This helped a lot in remembering whatever subject was being taught.
Music as a universal language is also a great tool for learning, the truth is it is the most efficient and best tool for learning any language on earth, cos whatever it is you want to learn, put it into rhythm and patiently repeat it and before you know it, it will stick to the brain.
The power that lies in music is what humans can hardly explain.
Music can be traced far back in the old testament and was first mentioned in Genesis 4:13. In the choosing of the levites and assigning of duties, it was recorded that 4,000 were assigned to play musical instruments of all sorts all in worship of Yahweh.
Zephaniah 3:17 also takes into account that God sings.
This brings to mind that the power that lies in music goes beyond entertaining the body but also preparing the heart of man for a deeper level of intimacy with the King.
Just like music gives birth to remembering things like I said earlier, so also it gives birth to a deeper level of faith in the realm of both in spirit and in the physical.
When you sing songs or play music of worship to Yahweh, you are simply reminding yourself of who He truly is.
This process or act inturn builds your faith in Him.
Especially when this is done purposefully and with an undying passion for Him.