11th June2018
Topic: Serving profitably
We are not to serve aimlessly. We are to serve acceptably .  (Heb. 12:38)
It is when service is acceptable that it is profitable.
1. Serve with reverence and GODLY fear.
Be a real Christian before you are a  Christian worker.
Be a person with a solid Christian testimony. (Dan. 6:4)
2. Take the lead.
(Luke 12:48b)
Take the lead in spirituality, vibrancy and intensity; in obedience to instructions of soul winning, sacrifice and tithing etc.
Remain the most zealous.
3. Be an example. 1Tim. 4:12… be a road-pointer; a direction-giver.
Never dampen the zeal of new comers by your attitude.
Never dampen the fire of new comers by your lackadaisical attitude.
GOD would hold us responsible if for any reason, we cause slackness for anyone coming behind us.
4. Protect the KING’S interest.
(Dan. 6:1-2)
Wherever you find yourself, be a Defender of the interest of the KING Of Kings.
Be protective of the KING’S matter and never be involved in whatever brings damage to the KING and the KINGDOM.
Now every time you want to defend the interest of the KING, you would encounter challenges.
It doesn’t matter because everyone would give account of himself before GOD on the last day.
5. Be faithful.
1 Cor.1:4-2.
Be reliable and dependable.
If you are there, be there.
Let people know you for strictness of compliance.
Let your consistency not be in doubt because everything we do, GOD watches.
HELP ME LORD to be faithful please FATHER.
6. Hold nothing back. (Acts 20:20, Dan. 6:3)
Give out the very best of you,best of your time,energy, resources,ability, talent and the best of your life’s answers.
The best of life answers to the best of man.
7. Contribute to KINGDOM expansion. (Ephesians 4:15-16)
It is an abomination to be in church for ten years and you cannot count at least ten people that you brought to Church.
It doesn’t matter your activities in the Church.
8. Serve with gladness.
(Malachi 3:14)
When service is not an excited, one is not rewarded.
It attracts problems.
1. The opening up of Destiny.
1Sam. 16:11-13, 1Kings 17:34-end. 1Sam 9; 10-1.
When you serve GOD and serve HIM well, what HE wants you to become in life, no devil can stop it.
Your life just shifts; your destiny opens and when people forget GOD their destinies close up.
2. Fulfillment In Life. Job 36:11.
Your life can escape pressure by service.
There are things money can’t buy.
It can’t buy peace and fulfillment in life.
Serve GOD to the point where HE gives you fulfillment In life.
3. Divine health and vitality.
Exo 23:25.
4. Supernatural Supplies.
Serve GOD and walk in the covenant of giving and tithing and no devil will cut you short.
Luke 22:35. Ps. 35:27.
5. Fulfillment of Days.
Serve HIM with abandonment and no devil is devilish enough to take you out of  life before your time.
6. Honor and dignity. Prov. 27:18,Heb 5:4.
The calling of GOD to serve is a call into honor.
No devil can bury your life in shame, reproach and ignominy.
7. Answered prayer.
Service is pathway to answered prayer.
(Luke 1: 5-7)
The place of service is a place where prayers are converted to answers.
Keep doing the best you know to do in your service to GOD.
Prayers are converted to products at the place of service.
Desires become deliverables at the place of service.
John 15:16.
Serve GOD, win souls and as you are doing so, it is a guarantee for answered prayers.
8. Fruitfulness.
Ex. 23: 25-26.
No miscarriage, no barrenness.
Instructions for the year:
1. Kingdom advancement praying.
2. Kingdom expansion effort in soul winning.
3. Worship in Spirit and in Truth.
Being real with GOD at the place of worship.
4. Compliance with the covenant of sowing and reaping among many many others by GOD’S MERCIES.
The LORD watches and rewards and HE shall reward you.