In a testimony that appeared like a comedy, a Fulani woman by the name madam Memuna Suleiman surrendered her life to Christ regretting associations with the Fulanis nationality due to herdsmen killing traced to the tribe.

Speaking in Fulfulde and hausa languages, Mrs Memuna testified that God used the ministry of Dr Paul Enenche to deliver her from a near death affliction that needed a huge sum of money for surgery.

According to her, an un-diagnosable object had moved in her tummy for several months and doctors recommended surgery to remove but she was abandoned to die due to lack of fund to perform surgery.

Displaying her identity card issued by the management of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), in Abuja, the woman confirmed that she was a victim of the Boko haram insurgents in Borno state where she lost her home, narrowly escaped death and had been a member of the IDP camps at one of the ghetto villages in the FCT.

She revealed that the God of Christians is superior to any god for healing the sick by miracles. According to the Fulani woman who attended the popular Tuesday healing and deliverance service at Dunamis Headquaters, Abuja, Dr Paul Enenche prayed for a lady with a neck injury who got instantly healed and removed her neck collar on the spot. She said as Dr Paul Enenche prayed for the lady, she also placed her hands on the tummy and to her amazement, her condition suddenly kowkow.

She went home to defecate a baby-like monster that brought down her many months painful experiences to halt without medications. Speaking with a sense of apology to Nigerians, Mrs. Memuna appealed to Fulanis to stop killings and disassociate with the hurtful stigma in the interest of Nigeria people.