“…If you are told to give and your heart is not willing, forget it.
Anybody putting you under pressure to prophesy money out of your pocket by all means is a suspect.
Anywhere you are asked to pay money in exchange for a miracle or a testimony, something is wrong. Anywhere you are asked to pay consultation (fee) so that you can be counselled, something dangerous is wrong. Selah…”

“No genuine pastor will look for your money or try to prophesy money out of your pocket. NOT ONE.
Be careful what you hear.

There are people that are on assignment by the devil.
They do not see anything good in any church or any pastor; but that Devil is a bastard liar!
Fake can only exist because there is real.

You will never accept a 5000 Naira Note if you are given because you know it cannot be real. If there are fake pastors, there are real pastors.
Some of us will NEVER beg you for money, ask you for money, or put you under pressure for money.
Not even in your dreams!…”

Dr. Paul Enenche
Friends, don’t be deceived by any agent of darkness to withdraw from the Household of Faith today. Go, give as you are able, and get a word in season for your life.