#July2018 #DIGCBlessingSunday #OpenDoorsThruDedication
ANCHOR SCRIPTURE(S): MATTHEW 6:33; PSALM 24:5-7, 112:1-5
SERVICE OBJECTIVE: Understanding the connection between dedication to God and the blessing of God
The way of dedication is the way of the Blessing
Until man is serious with God, man cannot be glorious on earth
Our response to God determines life’s response to us
Your heart for God determines your height in life
What we do with God determines what God does with us
Nobody can seek God and die with curses
To seek the face of God is to face the direction of good
To turn your face to God is to turn your back to lack (Ps. 23:1)
When God is your focus, you end as a focus of your generation
When you supply God dedication, He supplies you decoration
To be dedicated to God is to be envied on earth
Dedication to God is the doorway to domination in life
You cannot be dedicated and not be distinguished
You cannot be dedicated and relegated (Ps. 112:1-3)
You cannot be dedicated and be frustrated (Ps. 112:1-3)

1. Abraham (Gen. 12:1-4)
1a. The decision to give up family, social and societal ties in favour of God’s call for his life
1b. The decision to obey God unconditionally and without question (Gen. 12:1-4)
1c. The decision to hold nothing back from God (Gen. 22:1-5; 13:2; 24:1, 35)
It doesn’t matter what spell is on your family, if you are dedicated to God, that spell must be broken!
2. Joseph (Gen. 39:2, 21; 41:39-44)
2a. The decision to be different from everyone around him including his siblings (Gen. 37:2)
Until you are different from them, you don’t make a difference on earth
2b. The decision to stand for the principles of God at any cost (including going to the prison) (Gen. 39:9)
Until you are ready to serve God at any cost, you are not ready for the prize of the high calling (Phil. 3:14)
2c. The decision to make God the most important consideration of his life’s actions and decisions
2d. The decision to hold on to God and to His Presence under all conditions
God handed the nation of Egypt to him and the destiny of that generation (Gen. 41:39-44)
Your heart for God will determine your path in life
If you have taken sides with God, you have taken sides with good and your future must be bright!
3. Job (Job 1:1-3, 8; 13:15; 2:9-10)
3a. The act of making his spirituality and integrity the most important identity of his life
3b. The act of pleasing God to the point where God could testify about him to the devil (Job 1:8)
3c. His readiness to serve God, not just for things but for Him (Job 13:15)
3d. His readiness to stand with God even if he had to stand alone (Job 2:9-10)
If you want to go far with God, you must be ready to walk alone most of the time
(Job 42:12-17)
4. David (Ps. 42:1-2)
Your dedication to God will attract your decoration by God
4a. The decision to make God the most important Object of his pursuit on the earth (Ps. 27:4)
4b. The willingness to risk his life to defend both the Name and cause of God in his generation (1Sam. 17:26)
4c. The readiness to sacrifice his rest, peace, sleep and resources in order to build God a house (Ps. 132:1-5)
4d. The action of not only worshipping God but recruiting others to worship God (Ps. 119:164; 1Chron. 23:5-6, 29:1-5, 28; 2Chron. 8:14)
5. Solomon (1Kings 3:3-5, 10:23; 2Chron. 7:1-5,7; )
5a. The demonstration of his affection and attraction to God until he commanded Heaven’s attention
5b. The exhibition of extreme level of generosity and liberality (2Chron. 7:1-5, 7)
5c. The demonstration of passion for the successful fulfilment of Divine assignment (1Kings 3:9-13)
6. Daniel (Dan. 1:8, 6:4-5)
6a. The decision to please God as the priority of his life’s existence
6b. The determination to maintain a public identity and testimony of his relationship with God
6c. The determination to maintain very rigid and absolutely unbreakable spiritual discipline (Dan. 6:10)
6d. The decision to place his devotion to God above his devotion to the system (Dan. 2:48, 5:29, 6:1-2)
Any job that kills your conscience kills your destiny
1. God blesses dedicated people as an impartation of His nature and character into them (2Cor. 3:18; Gen. 1:28; Ps. 18:46; 41:13; 68:19)
Dedication is deep association with God and association brings assimilation
Connection brings collection (2Cor. 3:18)
The Blessing is a major character of God; there is no trace of the curse in God
God is the Embodiment of the Blessing (Gen. 1:28; Ps. 18:46; 41:13; 68:19)
God is too loaded for you to hang around Him and remain needy
2. God blesses the dedicated to reward their faithfulness to Him (Heb. 11:6; Isa. 45:19; Prov. 28:20; Mal. 3:17-18; Ps. 112:1-10)
God is not just a Recorder of effort, He is a Rewarder of effort (Isa. 45:19)
The reward of God to the faithful is called the Blessing (Prov. 28:20; Mal. 3:17-18)
3. God blesses the dedicated to make life comfortable enough for them to serve Him without distraction (Mark 12:28-30; Prov. 10:15; Joel 2:26)
Poverty destroys vision, focus, pursuit and confidence (Prov. 10:15)
4. God blesses the dedicated to advertise or showcase His character of goodness and benevolence to the world (Num. 14:21; Hab. 2:14; Isa. 61:9; Ps. 126:1-2; Num. 23:23; Zech. 8:23)
God has a permanent desire to make the world know Him (Num. 14:21)
Your blessing can be more evangelistic than your preaching
5. God blesses the dedicated so as to fuel His projects and programs on the earth (Zech. 1:17; Hag. 2:6-9; Ps. 132:3-5, 122:9)
God’s people are God’s channels for the execution of His projects and programs on the earth
God gives you money so that you can add meaning to His Kingdom
What is in your heart towards the Kingdom determines what God can deliver to your hand
6. God blesses the dedicated to make them channels of His Blessing to families, nations and generations (1John 4:8; John 3:16; Mic. 7:18; Gen. 14:14; Gal. 6:9-10)
The only reason you are to have is so you can give (Eph. 4:28)
There is no living without giving
1. Being planted in the House of the Lord(Ps. 92:12-15; 84:4; 122:1; 132:13-16; Ezek. 34:26-30; Oba. 1:17; Jer. 30:19-21)
i. Being planted in the House of the Lord refers to unwavering commitment to God’s House and to worship service
ii. Being planted in the House of the Lord means nothing is permitted to come between your appointment with God
iii. Being planted in the House of the Lord means your presence is feelable and your absence is palpable
Whatever tampers with your commitment to God’s House is tampering with your fulfilment in life and destiny
The secret to such dedication is addiction to the House of God after the order of David (Ps. 122:1)
To be connected to Zion is to be connected to the Blessing (Ps. 132:13-16)
To be everywhere is to be nowhere and when you open your lives to diverse instructions, you die of confusion. If you are in a church, be there and stop moving about
2. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom (Ps. 35:27, 102:13-14)
i. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom means being at the forefront of Kingdom endeavour, effort and assignment
ii. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom means enhancing the agenda of God in the earth
iii.iFavouring the cause of the Kingdom means taking the lead in Kingdom assignments, not lagging behind
iv. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom means running Kingdom errands with excitement
v. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom means being a plus-factor in Kingdom assignment on the earth
When you favour the cause of the Lord, no devil can de-bless you
What you don’t work at doesn’t work out
Let God be your witness that you are in front for His work
vi. Favouring the cause of the Kingdom means being a key player in the Kingdom of God
Don’t be a spectator in the Kingdom of God, only key players are paid
Father, I come before You today and I receive the grace to put You first, and to hold nothing back from You; I receive the grace to be committed to Your cause in Jesus’ Name.
Father, I come before You today with the decision to stand for your principles at any cost and to make You my most important consideration of my life, and to connect with You at all cost, under all conditions. Help me to be planted in Your House and to be passionate for Your cause in Jesus’ Name
Communion of dedication; communion to shift you to a higher level of dedication; every curse from hell is deleted from your life by the communion
– In this 7th month, you shall find rest (Gen. 8:4)
– In this 7th month, God shall make you to feast and to celebrate
– In this 7th month, you shall step into royalty (Esth. 2:16)
– Step into the fullness of the Abrahamic Blessing
– In this 7th month, rest, celebration, access, open Doors and Speedy Divine intervention shall be your portion.
– You shall fulfil your days! You shall not be cut short before you
– Every family, occultic and ancestral witchcraft curse is hereby broken
– Systems are coming under pressure to release that which belongs to you
– Grace to carry out this fast is released upon you!
– Everything mocking your faith, dedication, commitment, and commission is arrested now!
– Divine multiplied encounters that will bring you speedy Divine intervention are coming your way this week in Jesus’ Name