• I decree the aversion of every generational curse that has been hanging on anyone’s life in one way or the other
• The curse of untimely death is averted; the curse of miscarriages and stillbirth is averted; the curse of joblessness and career failure is averted
• Every hereditary disease plaguing anyone under the sound of my voice today, across our viewing centres and across any nations of the earth, I command those plague over tonight
• You will live long, at 100 years you will still be blessed
• Every aspect of your life will still be blessed.
• The Lord asked me to tell everyone bringing anybody to church: You will never be carried till your last breath
• No one will bath you while you are still breathing, the room you live in will not be smelling
• Because you are carrying people to His house, He will ensure nobody ever needs to carry you
• Everyone called barren, in the name of our Lord Jesus and as a covenant practitioner in this Commission, this month marks the end of your search
• For many people here , today marks the end of your ordeal with every type of sickness and disease
• As you are hearing me now, God is writing off every bill on your medical issues
• As the Lord liveth, by July 8, 2018, this church is minimum twice its average attendance at the takeoff of Operation 615
• There shall be no week where we shall not have diverse testimonies of enthronement
• You will be remembered where you thought you are already forgotten; they will send for you to honour you
• No trace of shame and reproach shall remain on the life of any individual or their family
• No more evil report in your direction
• You will remember this season for life; it shall be an encounter you will live to remember
• He will surprise you, you will be on the positive side of that surprise
• Every of your genuine engagement must culminate in your enthronement and you are changing level of enthronement
• May the Jesus of zeal become your zeal
• May every one of us receive grace to do the things that always please God
• Every sickness and disease is cursed tonight
• I decree that your given life will never go down and your receiving life will be on the increase
• You have escaped from the torture and the torment of the wicked
• You have escaped by understanding that God can do anything
• You have escaped by your understanding of the covenant
• God has ordained everyone’s crown in this operation, your crown another man will not take
• I don’t care where you are, God has a higher place for you and you are getting there
• You will laugh at last
• You mockers will join to celebrate your supernatural rise. Your rise in the kingdom, your rise in your field, your rise on the earth in the name of Jesus
 Be blessed of the Lord
 May everyone’s engagement today result in enthronement tomorrow
 I pray that by the end of Operation 615, many are wearing their crown
 Your going out is blessed, your coming in is blessed
 They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, your strength is renewed like the eagle
 Every blessing of this day will speak in your life
 May every grace on this Commission keep reflecting in your life. So shall it be in Jesus name. Amen
 Don’t ever compare God with man
 Beware of your tongue; he that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life
 You open your mouth wide against God and His agenda, you will pay for it
 Don’t you ever join the scorners, scorners are always victims of the wrath of God
 Partner with Jesus