Yesterday’s Healing and Deliverance Service was Mind Blowing!!!
God is Invading his People and our land will be a major partaker of this move of God, Dunamis is not just a Church like every other gathering, it is an atmosphere of notable and tangible manifestation of God’s Spirit and Power, and many are been delivered, liberated, healed and set free from various operations of the Devil.
On Tuesday, not lesser than 5  people jump out of their wheelchair and walked right in the service, without any one or the Pastor laying hands on them, God came down heavily and things began to happen!
One of such experience was a lady who graduated from Kogi State University and was oppressed by a Demonic agent, who stepped on her leg after her final exams in the school and that was the beginning of the problem, she could no longer walk with the Leg, and The Doctors told her, she would have to manage it for one year, before they can do anything about it, but the power of JESUS came right on the scene and healed her;
Just saw this picture from someone that witnessed the accident, in Kogi State, sometime in March…. After being told she won’t walk without crutches for a year, God did His Wonders!

Miracles are Real!
God is Real!!!
God is really at work in Dunamis International Gospel Center!!!
Glory Be To God!!!
Anything that the devil as destroy in your Life, is hereby Renew, Repaired and Restored by the power of God in Jesus name!
God bless you.