This Morning at Covenant Hour of Prayer

Bishop David Oyedepo stated that the one winner one soul instruction is a requirement for God to double the attendance of the church.
“Praying kingdom advancement prayers is part of the requirement for God to double the attendance of the church and reaching out to souls is a requirement for God to double the attendance of the church” he said.

He further asked the congregation if they believed in the Operation Andrew Mandate” as seen in Luke 1:45, noting that operation Andrew is about bringing someone to Christ and the Church.

Bishop further stated that one major call of Operation Andrew is to go out there and bring in souls to Christ so they can be saved (John 14:6, Revelation 22:2) and every soul has equal value to God; no one can tell of what is in store for the soul you are bringing as the soul may be a major Apostle tomorrow.

Operation Andrew is an instruction from God through his Prophet and every move of God is signaled through His prophet. If you don’t believe God and you don’t believe His prophet, you will remain in the same spot (Exodus 14:15, Exodus 35:4, Luke 16:29). God has sent His prophet to His people so they can link up with their blessings
Bishop Oyedepo further warned; “do not joke with any prophetic instruction (Deuteronomy 28:1) adding that failure to enlist in the 633 instruction from the altar, may exempt persons from partaking in the blessings therein.
According to him, there is no private revelation in the kingdom; what He says to one, He says to all and whoever loves God, is never at a loss.
Get connected, get committed.

* You are next in line to be decorated
* Before Operation prayer for life is over, you will be decorated in all areas
* You will never suffer a loss anymore in life

PRAYER FOCUS: Lord, endue me with the spirit of prayer and supplication so I can pray my way to realms of transfiguration so as to hear you clearly when you speak.
Jesus Is Lord.