Covenant Blessings (Day Two of Week of Spiritual Emphasis)
• “You will never suffer a setback anymore in your life
• Every one of your steps shall be forward
• Our generation will be swimming in roundabout rest; Rest over your children, rest over the works of your hand, rest over your health, rest over career, rest over your business, rest over your spiritual life.
• Your remaining days on earth shall be spent in prosperity and your years in pleasures
• There shall be no more pressure in your life. No pressure at work; no pressure at home; no pressure in your business, no pressure in your finances, no pressure over your children
• Greater than Solomons are here
• You never see and reproach all the days of your life
• Many will be enthroned supernaturally this year.
• As your service qualifies for His commendation, He will change your level
• God has higher places for
• This high flying grace that comes through genuine fruitful service becomes your portion
• There is no going back; forward ever backward never
• You are just about to be enthroned
• Your enthronement is a reality
• May your concerns be turned to testimonies before the eyes of your mockers
• Your crown, another man will not take
• May the blessings of tonight last you all through your lifetime
• In Jesus’ Precious Name.” — Bishop David Oyedepo
Personal Declaration
 I have a great destiny in Christ.