God is not a respecter of persons, do what He says and you will reap His promises.
As the redeemed of the Lord you carry greater potentials than the greatest men of the Old Testament.
Every enchanter and diviner working against you, judgement is falling upon them in the name of Jesus!
Any aspect of your life that is been held down, vengeance is executed on your behalf in the mighty name of Jesus!
Every gang up of hell against you in any form, falls down for your sake!
Anything against God’s New Dawn package for your life goes down for you in Jesus name!
Welcome to the season of amazing discoveries in your life!
Just as Christ took our place on the cross, you are free from sicknesses and diseases!
Every torment over your life and family is visited by divine vengeance!
Anyone that gathers against you will fall for your sake!
I decree an end to the persecutor of your destiny!
An end has come to every crisis in your life!