Your life changes as long as you remain obedient to God’s instructions.
It is not a matter of how long you have been going to Church but how well you are connected to God.
The curse of struggling for survival is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
Your slavery to every agent of the devil is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
No matter where you are today, by your sustainable stewardship, God will bring you to the limelight in the name of Jesus!
Slavery to lack and want, begging, spirit husband/wife, business frustration, ends today and that yoke is broken in the mighty name of Jesus!
By the anointing, your lineage becomes the lineage of giants!
Every yoke of stagnation and frustration, by the anointing they are destroyed!
Begin to reign in life in Christ Jesus.
As you go out this week, good news will begin to follow you, closed doors will open and you shall enjoy favour in the name of Jesus!
Whatever you say goes from today onward!
I see you ascending your throne in Jesus’ name!