Until you are walking in the light of life which is in Christ, you will be in crises Psalm 74:20.
When you are committed to serving God, He takes care of every aspect of your life Exodus 23:25-26.

From this day, by the authority of Jesus and the power of salvation, no more losses in your life!
The zeal of the Lord will begin to manifest in your life!
Every force responsible for loss in your life goes down for you in the name of Jesus!
Every long awaited desire of your life shall be delivered supernaturally!
You will not lose your property, career, marriage and everything that pertains to you in the name of Jesus!
You have left the realm of losses in Jesus’ name!
From this day forward, you will never make loses again in the name of Jesus!
The enemy shall be frustrated concerning you in the name of Jesus!
Every department of your life shall enjoy rest!
You will not end this year without proofs around your life!
You have escaped finally!

Declare – The Church of Christ in Nigeria is indestructible, unstoppable and unmolestable; this is the verdict of heaven!