When your love for God is in place, you become a breakthrough personality.
As long as you won’t let go of God, that business will never go down in the name of Jesus!
The things man cannot do for you, God will do for you!
The things others are struggling to get, God will make happen for you with ease!
I see you becoming a living wonder in the name of Jesus!
I proclaim the works of your hands blessed!
I decree the rise of your business!
I command your businesses to come into limelight today!
Whatever has blocked your spiritual ear from hearing, the Holy Spirit removes it in the name of Jesus!
I decree everything concerning you blessed in Jesus’ name!
May grace for tireless obedience be given to you today in the name of Jesus!
Nothing will share the glory of God in your life!
Whatever doesn’t please God won’t be found with you in the name of Jesus!
That business will never suffer pressures anymore!