I know I have always said this and I will keep saying it for those that will choose to listen..
Farming is not abracadabra
Farming is not MMM
Farming is not a part time job
Farming is not a certificate issue
Farming is not Nairabet
Most people are looking at making agribusiness a part time job.
Some are even thinking of online courses and weekend crash courses.
Even the one months spend at famous Lagos Business School will mess you up in the farm
The 4-5 years paper degree is irrelevant when it come to what we do on the farm
Forget the Masters and the Misses certificate when coming to farm.
The only saving grace you have is your “Passion” to succeed and the “Patience to learn over time.
” I am looking for extra income to support my job so I am investing will not work”
“We are approaching the era where ” Farm managers” and “Farm supervisor” will not work.
We already have several issues of farm for me that end up in stories
Resigning your job to start a farm without having intensive prior knowledge will not work
“Farming is a profession that require having adequate knowledge.
” Farming is practical and not all this paper work or certificate support base
I see so many people rushed in with high expectation of making it right away…
You wonder why I am still in debt and scratching the surface if its that all rosy..
Growing cassava, yam, rice, maize even give you some massive leverage compared to growing vegetables.
Cash inflow calculation on vegetable is what pushed people into wanting to hit it big immediately.
What the paper did not tell you is all the climatic change, intensive sun, pest and diseases that could wipe away your vegetables within the twinkle of an eye.
Did I say ” Do not farm”
Capital No
What I am saying is get adequate knowledge.
Forget about the internet.
Get down to farm.
Forget about one day trainings..
One week will not help you
Forget about the 3 months
Be a farmers apprentice for minimum of a year.
You will be able to study the rainy season challenges and the dry season challenges on the farm.
Disabuse your mind of starting with sharp sharp farming practises.
Forget farm as a part time job.
It never work.
I can give you several samples of failed farms.
Money gone down the drain.