Bokoharam;  a group of people known for preaching jihad is an Islamic extremist based in northern eastern of Nigeria and also operate in chad, Niger and northern part of Cameroon.This group was found in the year  2002 in Maiduguri situated in the northern part of Nigeria by USTAZ MOHAMMED YUSUF .
The bokoharam group was lead by ABUBAKAR SHEKAU and he was succeeded in  August 2016 by ABU MUSAB AL-BARNAWI. The group came from a sect  name JAMA’ATUL  AHLUS SUNNA LID DA’AWATIS JIHAD. Hiding under the umbrella of sponsoring young youth to study in the middle eastern part of Nigeria but the bokoharams sent them to a terrorist training school.
The term BOKOHARAM comes  from two major languages;  BOKO comes from the Hausa  language meaning  western/non-islamic education and HARAM comes from the Arabic language meaning sin. From the meaning of this word it shows clearly that this set of people fight  against the western education but only do they fight against the western education but also fight against the modern science and western culture.
The bokoharam group became popular in the year 2009 after it participated in the sectarian violence that happened in the northern part of Nigeria. Bokoharam continued it’s attack on the 7th of September 2010 by  breaking into the Bauchi prison and freeing inmates.
December 2010 it was known for it’s attack in Abuja, april 22 2011 it was the Yola jailbreak were 14 inmate who were  suspected to be members of the bokoharam were freed,  May 29 2011 they operated in various bomb blast in the northern part of Nigeria, may 16 2011 the bombing of Nigeria police head-quarter, june 26 2011 bombing of a beer garden in Maidugiri killing over 25 people and 12 were injured, august 12 2011 the murder of a well known Islamic cleric by name LIMAN BANA,  august 26 2011 a  bombing in Abuja, December 25 2011 the Damaturu attack, January 5-6 2012 multiple bombing in the northern part of Nigeria, January 20 2012 the Kano bombings, February 8 2012 suicide bombing at the army head-quarters in Kaduna, February 16 2012 the prison break in central Nigeria releasing 130 inmates, June 3 2012 15 christians killed on their way to church in Bauchi, June 17 2012 suicide bombing attacks in three different churches in Kaduna to mention but a few.

Thousands of life have been lost in the attacks  perpetrated by the bokoharam because because of their fight against the western culture and education because they believe that the western education and culture lures people away from the Islamic culture.
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One of the most devastating attacks of the bokoharam insurgence is that of the abduction of the chibok girls. On the night of the 14-15 of april 2014 the bokoharam  group kidnapped about 276 female students from the government secondary school of Chibok  town in Borno state in the northern part of Nigeria.
57 of the  school girls managed to escape and the remaining 219 girls are with the bokoharams. The bokoharams intend using the abducted girls to liase with the federal government in exchange of the release of their own members in the government custody.
The kidnapping of these girls has certainly cause their parent pains and sorrow as no one knows when they will be released. It’s been over two years now and they are still in the bokoharam camp. Though it has been reported that some of these girls managed to escape and the rest are still in the bokoharam camp.

Not only has these girls been kidnapped but they have also been forcefully indoctrinated into the religious belief of the bokoharam groups.
As at 2014 it was recorded that the bokoharam terrorist group had killed over 6,644 people in it attack in 2014 through the bombing of civillians, various churches and mosques. The citizens of Nigeria are yet to truly know if the only aim of bokoharam is to Islamize the country or there are other things attached as they also have not only bomb churches but also mosques where their  fellow muslim brothers worship.  This group has maintained a consistent and continuous attack since 2011 till date.
Some of the victims of the bokoharam are kept in a certain camp has most of them has been rendered homeless, jobless ,  some have even become disable due to these attacks. Donations are made for them to be properly taken care of as some of them even need more medical attention as the attack has psychologically affected them.

The federal government of Nigeria has in her own capacity try to cope the activities of these group through the various armed forces in the country particularly the Nigerian army.
Dues to these effect some of the bokoharam members has been killed most times in the act of attacking, recovery of arms from them . Some suspected members of  the bokoharam group have also been arrested by the Nigerian police but still the bokoharams still operately fully  in the country.
The masses believe that it will be very difficult to eradicate the bokoharam group has they believed that the federal government of  Nigeria is the backbone for the bokoharams.