Bishop Oyedepo of the Living faith church has listed several examples of people who benefitted greatly from the platform of fasting and prayer.
The President of the Living Faith Church cited these examples during the first one night with the King as part of the mysteries of the ongoing 21 days of prayer and fasting. According to the cleric, the examples, which were both scriptural and contemporary, stepped into their new dawn realm through the mystery of prayer and fasting.
The biblical examples include Nehemiah who prayed and fasted and obtained unbelievable favour such that from a cup-bearer he merged a Governor; Esther who fasted and prayed and took her life in her hands by going to the king against the law and obtained favour instead of death; Judah who were about to be wiped off but went into a fast and God took over Judah by giving them victory on a clean slate; and Daniel who was relevant to the government all the days of his life because he was a prayer and fasting addict.
Citing examples in contemporary times, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide talked of the works of John Alexander Dawn, who locked himself up in a fast when there was an outbreak of disease and people were dying daily. “Light broke out from Acts 10:38 and that singular encounter brought an end to that plague and gave the world one of the greatest evangelists that ever lived with unusual healing power,” he noted.
Bishop Oyedepo observed that all through scriptures, fasting facilitated new dawn era for God’s people. “Fasting is a covenant facilitator of your new dawn heritage. Doors have been closed against too many people without doing anything to see them open. Many have lost their destinies to their stomachs. Don’t allow your belly to ruin your life; certain things will not happen without prayer and fasting; certain forces holding you hostage will never give up without prayer and fasting.  It is a type of affliction that culminates in your decoration,” he added.