It is a true and known fact that if you lack fathers, you will lack feathers, and if there is any way tot get to the top faster in life and destiny, it is by climbing the shoulders of those who are ahead of you, so that you can see farther through their sight ad wings.

Bishop David Oyedepo is one of the few men of God who understands the place of spiritual fatherhood, connections to higher grace and how to serve under the carriers of greater grace that you desire in your own generation.
The archbishop Benson Idahosa was one of the fathers of faith that emerges from Nigeria inn Africa, he shakes the world in his time, i call them global and intercontinental anointing, that they enter into any nation of the world and they break ground, send the devil asking, save souls and establish the kingdom of God there, God was with them and confirming his word with signs and wonders.
Such an apostolic and prophetic move was the ministry of the archbishop.
Now I Know there was a particular time in the life and ministry of bishop oyedepo when God told him to go and meet archbishop idahosa that was the first time he went/knew idahosa one on one, after which the archbishop blessed and they became close, but today i want to share another powerful encounter because so many people today wonder why things are just working in the life of bishop david oyedepo; and some of them are praying so bad that they want the same kind of grace in his life and ministry to manifest in theirs, with this post you will understand that everything is not prayer; there are patterns you must follow, here are obedience you must show forth before you can carry the glory of God.
ON a sunday. Archbishop Idahosa, called Papa (Bishop Oyedepo) to meet him at the north, and after service, as tired as bishop oyedepo was, he headed to the archbishop’s house and when he got there, idahosa said to him ” AhZ! Mmy Son…. you obeyed?
He replied, yes sir, you called for me,

The archbishop said, i never know you will obey, now knee down and let me pray for you, from today, on time blessing will be responding to you, before you need it, it shall come to you in the name of Jesus!!!

I can tell you practically, that this prophetic release from the man of God archbishop benson idahosa with such a global anointing is working and speaking in the life of bishop oyedepo today, so you can see everything is not prayer, thee are responsibility that God just need your obedience so that he can bless you beyond measures.
I pray that grace to obey, will come upon you in Jesus mighty name!!!