“In the name of Jesus, every evil plan to soak Nigeria with blood goes to the head of the people behind it
• Those who have made many innocent parents childless so shall they be childless
• We will not become refugees in other people’s country; they will not succeed to take us from our fatherland
• No siege of the devil will survive in your life again
• You won’t be stranded again in your life
• All the ritual killer merchants, the arrow of death of the Lord falls on you
• Every innocent blood they have killed wipes away their own generation forever
• All kidnappers taking ransom from innocent people, I curse your peace in the name of Jesus
• All mercenaries called Fulani Herdsmen, I decree the judgment of the blood upon your head
• Jesus died for His people to live, anyone that wants to kill them, goes down for them today.
• In Jesus Precious Name.”
– Bishop David Oyedepo, April 11, 2018