Some certain generals of faith as gone through the earth and their impact and footsteps makes their
name indispensable in our world, i strongly believe the Archbishop benson idahosa is one of those
great fathers of the gospel and generals of faith.
He as strike many landmark in his time and they are still speaking today, even those who are heralding
the current move of God (Revival and the workings of the holyghost) are directly impacted from him.

Now in one of my favorite sermon sessions, The wife of the great archbishop benson idahosa
shared with the world how she got converted into Christ by her husband.
I marvelled at the testimony so i can not help it, i had to share it with the world, miralces are real.
And they are still one of the major kingdom baits that can generate massive church growth and
soul winning, i remember Jesus said “Without signs and wonders”, this people shall not believe.
So one of the ways to make people, see, believe and receive the lord Jesus is through the working
of great miracles.
So Let Read About How Magaret Idahosa came to the Lord Jesus and started her Ministry!
According to mummy magaret idahosa she was in college and it was the last year so she came
home on vacation.
I have known benson for years, we do call him pastor bcause he is always sharing tracts, fliers and
inviting people to church, he invited me to church, i never went; i told him i am a born and dine
Anglican, my father is a foundation member and so we are; but he was successfully able to get
my cousin to come to their church, so every now and then he will come to our house and take my
cousin to church.
So on this miraculous day, he came in and said – “Well, am looking for where somebody died!
So i told him, we had a 3years old child that died 9am in the morning today but its 4pm now the body
is already changing, but he look so serious and focus, and as at then, i know him, when he wants
something, he really wants it.
As a matter of fact, we had the dead body in the house because we are waiting for the father to come
with the certificate so that we can go and bury the baby.
But he insist, saying “I have been looking for the dead since morning today”, I want to raise the dead.
Since, he won’t stop asking, i took him to where the dead body of the child was laid and i was watching him
from the door side, i was curious to see how this young man will perform the miracle.
He prayed earnestly the first time, he prayed the second time and he prayed the third time.
And he came to me and ask me;
What is the name of the child?
I said why do you need the name of the child?
He said, because in the bible Jesus asked the mother of the child that died what is the name?
And the woman responded – Talita kumi.
So i told him the name of the child, he went in back and prayed and called the name of the child.
All of  a sudden i saw the child sneezed back to life, i was amazed!
How can this be?
How could a child that died since 9am wake up  back to life by 4pm?
Immediately i ran out! Lo and behold, Benson Idahosa came out of the room with the child alive.
Then he said; give the child some food and she ate the food.
So later i asked him, benson how could you do such a great miracle?
Tell me, whats the secret?
Then he said, well, its Jesus!!!
I saw it in the bible that we can raise the dead, i asked my pastor is it possible?
He Said YES!!
I asked him, have you raised one before?
He said NO!!
I also asked him, can i raise the dead?
He said YES!! and that was how we got here.
That was how i met the lord Jesus and i was saved, i told my parentss, since you have going to anglican
have you raised the dead?
They said No!! So we all changed our church to his church, and a lot of people got saved through that
But Can I tell you something?
That young girl that was raised back to life is now a mother of 8 children today.
Our God is good, Jesus christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.
Since i accept this Jesus, it as been from glory to glory.
Praise the lord.