Onilenla Olasunkanmi Ahmed
God be praise..wow this is Jesus at work! i am so blessed and grateful that i belong to this family....this can be only God.in this commission God has transform my life, liberated me from were i used to be to a realm of life pleasing God....i just want to thank the God of Bishop David Olaniyi Olaoluwa Oyedepo..he is my onw olaoluwa i gave him dat name!God continue to shower His Oil upon his life..Amen
Kwame Aryee
I am a son of the prophet and have enjoyed his teachings and counselling. I have also enjoyed the grace upon his life by extension. My life experienced a supernatural turnaround since I joined winners chapel. I have been moving from one level of glory to another.. my marriage, finances, child bearing, career, name it... Seeking after God's kingdom interest is what we learn everyday from our Papa with the anchor scripture from Mathew 6:33. Serving God indeed pays the most. God bless you Papa!

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